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An Ode to Craig's (Independent Grocer)

By far, the Squamish store I spend the most time in is Craig’s (or, as most people call it, the Independent. Or the Independent Grocer. Or the old Extra Foods). 665 more words

Squamish Life

A few delicious recipes for a perfect summer meal.

Melon with Grilled Halloom, Arugala, Radish & Pistachio 

Melons brings the sweetness, and arugula and radishes give this salad a peppery bite. Mild-tasting halloom cheese maintains its shape and resists melting while grilling, making it a perfect summer salad cheese. 752 more words


ΒΟΥΛΗ: Μέσω προεδρικού ο Δημήτρης Συλλούρης

Καταλυτικό ρόλο στην έκβαση της χθεσινής εκλογή του Προέδρου της Βουλής, διαδραμάτισε το προεδρικό. Η επιλογή Συλλούρη, αποτέλεσε «την υπέρβαση» του κυβερνητικού στρατοπέδου, που εξάντλησε όλα τα περιθώρια που υπήρξαν για μια «τρίτη λύση», που θα προέκυπτε με ευρύτερη συνεννόηση.



It’s ridiculous how much I love the coupons (as I call them) that come in the local paper at The Mom’s. To me, they are a window on a world that I don’t know much about. 1,152 more words


Ketchup Chips: Canadian #AtoZChallenge

Yes!  Of course!  How could I not??

Ketchup Chips, although available sporadically through the U.S. as a less flavourful version made by Herr’s, are known as a quintessential Canadian snack. 347 more words

Cookie Butter Banana Bread

Cookie butter recently came to grocery stores in Toronto, so I decided to give it try. I first heard about cookie butter when I went to California. 221 more words


Simple Hacks

I love the weekends for many obvious reasons but also for the time I get to make good meals that I don’t have time for during the week. 257 more words