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[Recipe] Vodka Citrus Cured Salmon

This holiday season we’ve had a few home-cooked meals, and we took the opportunity to make some new dishes. One of which we made, and we fell in love with, was cured salmon. 365 more words


Insider's report - Christmas edition

The Insider’s Report is one of my ‘things’, which means it’s something i’m unreaosnably compulsive about for not that many good reasons. But what The Mom fails to appreciate is that I actually have no intention of buying any of the new items they produce each year. 856 more words


An Ode to Craig's (Independent Grocer)

By far, the Squamish store I spend the most time in is Craig’s (or, as most people call it, the Independent. Or the Independent Grocer. Or the old Extra Foods). 665 more words

Squamish Life

A few delicious recipes for a perfect summer meal.

Melon with Grilled Halloom, Arugala, Radish & Pistachio 

Melons brings the sweetness, and arugula and radishes give this salad a peppery bite. Mild-tasting halloom cheese maintains its shape and resists melting while grilling, making it a perfect summer salad cheese. 752 more words


ΒΟΥΛΗ: Μέσω προεδρικού ο Δημήτρης Συλλούρης

Καταλυτικό ρόλο στην έκβαση της χθεσινής εκλογή του Προέδρου της Βουλής, διαδραμάτισε το προεδρικό. Η επιλογή Συλλούρη, αποτέλεσε «την υπέρβαση» του κυβερνητικού στρατοπέδου, που εξάντλησε όλα τα περιθώρια που υπήρξαν για μια «τρίτη λύση», που θα προέκυπτε με ευρύτερη συνεννόηση.



It’s ridiculous how much I love the coupons (as I call them) that come in the local paper at The Mom’s. To me, they are a window on a world that I don’t know much about. 1,152 more words


Ketchup Chips: Canadian #AtoZChallenge

Yes!  Of course!  How could I not??

Ketchup Chips, although available sporadically through the U.S. as a less flavourful version made by Herr’s, are known as a quintessential Canadian snack. 347 more words