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What with the news being abuzz with Mount McKinley fuss, really enjoyed this, from former Army Ranger Andrew Exum’s Twitter:

Here it is:


Politics and RPGs

It’s going to be a long…15 months?  Really?  Hand me another beer…

I hate Presidential elections.  They make me want to unfriend 87.3% of my Facebook friends, avoid discussions with work acquaintances, and then at the end of all of it, I have to choose from two people I wouldn’t let walk into my house or a list of decent people who could do the job better but can’t get elected. 1,885 more words


Which President Had The Highest IQ?

(SL) – The average IQ score in the general population is 100; about 118 for for a college graduate. All the U.S. presidents have higher IQs than that. 576 more words


Jimmy Carter and voting rights

Last week I took a stab at a James Earl Carter obituary. Rick Perlstein, who will presumably finish his trilogy about post-sixties Republicanism with the triumph of Ronald Reagan in 1980, concentrates on… 498 more words

Review of "Woodrow Wilson: A Biography" by John Milton Cooper, Jr.

Woodrow Wilson: A Biography” is John Milton Cooper, Jr.’s 2009 biography of the 28th president. It was the 2010 Pulitzer Finalist in the Biography category. 535 more words


A Reminder Set-Lest We Forget (6)

Due to the science of DNA-

We’ve found several presidents, that got off track, back in the day.



Free PR From the Presidential Selfie Girls

It began as a fun project for two sisters, but quickly received national media attention and turned into a smart PR tactic for the 2016 presidential candidates. 561 more words