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Viva La Resistance

Hello dear revolutionary(s)!

Well, it has happened.  The fourth Reich has risen and taken control of the Untied States, led by an orange and angry Führer who promises to restore a nation to a level of greatness it has never reached.   861 more words


#FridayReads: Presidential

Considering it’s inauguration day, our #FridayReads selections had to be about US presidential history. Check out these books, all about United States Presidents.  967 more words


Path of Most Resistance

It’s 12 noon EST, and we have no president.

There have been previous presidents I haven’t cared for.  But that was a matter of rational men with whom I disagreed, or overwhelmed men who I thought would do no harm. 260 more words


2017 | Happy President's Day!

~Your TeCHS


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“I brought you a present,” she offered him a box.

“I thought you never wanted to see me again,” he raised a bushy eyebrow, suspicious she’d returned after their previous encounter. 973 more words

The Philippine Constabulard Band at President William Howard Taft's Inauguration

In 1909, a series of “grand concerts” to celebrate William Howard Taft’s Inauguration featured twice the Philippine Constabulary Band. (A few years earlier, Taft served as Governor-General of Philippines and the band–Col. 261 more words

Is Trump So Old? Its all relative really!

Today is inauguration day. Donald Trump will officially be the 45th President of the United States of America. Many have pointed out that Trump is the oldest president (slightly above 70 years of age). 374 more words

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