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File Under: my failed comedy career

Earlier this week I was going through old saved email drafts, when I stumbled upon something very special from about two years ago that I’d completely forgotten about. 337 more words


The legacy of Wilsonism

As I posted today and earlier this week, Princeton students protesting the deification of Woodrow Wilson object to his discriminatory policies as president. Resegregating the federal government ended the sinecure on which middle class blacks had depended since the Gilded Age. 398 more words

Obama’s phony war

After Paris and now the Turkish shooting of a Russian plane, it looks like a big war has started with some small steps…
This could all have been avoided.. 316 more words


President Who?

Harry Von Zell is remembered as the long-time announcer of the Burns & Allen radio and television programs, but he also has the dubious distinction of being responsible for one of the first bloopers to be broadcast on the air. 136 more words


Can we trade places please??

In my country, Malta, there is the Chogm right now and apparently what made most news is the unflattering dress our female President wore.

And most of the ones criticizing are women who keep battling fights on social networks against being targeted for what they wear, their size and what not. 217 more words

Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When it comes to biographies, it just doesn’t get any better than Edmund Morris’ treatment of Theodore Roosevelt. 273 more words


Can't Get Elected as President? Why Not King of the World?

Homer Aubrey Tomlinson (1892-1968) wanted to be a great leader. He tried running for President of the United States in five consecutive elections, beginning in 1952. 103 more words