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Best Advice #5 - Pay Attention to your competition

Best Advice #5

Be a leader, not a follower. Do the very things your competitors will not or do not do. Instead of watching what they do, pay attention to what your competition is not doing and do that.

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Hello Fall!

OCTOBER! Fall is here!
Upcoming events for the holiday? A Fall Festival for your organization? Do you have products for Goblins?

Let PPS help get that postcard/letter in the mail. 62 more words


USPS | What's the Difference Between CASS and NCOA?

CASS vs NCOA – What’s the Difference

How can you increase the number of mailpieces successfully delivered and reduce the number of those pesky return pieces?  476 more words



“I have worked with PPS for more than 15 years – from a large corporation to a small business, efficiency was the same and I felt as important in each scenario.” 394 more words

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USPS | Changing the Way You Mail with Presort Services

Presort Services: Changing the Way You Mail

With new services and programs offered by the USPS, not to mention changing mail characteristics, have you changed the way you think about your outgoing mail? 307 more words


USPS | DC Court Rules on Postage Discounts

DC Court Rules on Postage Discounts

This week the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that the Postal Service’s discount for presorted mail cannot exceed the cost the office saves by not having to sort the mail itself. 212 more words


USPS | Commingling Mail

Commingling Mail

In today’s economy, businesses are seeking more opportunities to cut or lower costs. But how many of them consider commingling their mail?

For that matter, how many businesses understand what commingling mail is all about? 151 more words