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Pulp announces more U.S. dates on first Stateside tour in 14 years

The announcement of the full Coachella lineup a few weeks ago was a double-edged sword for fans of Pulp, the iconic Brit-pop band who fashion-rock tunes about rave drugs, the British class system, and Gen X ennui barred them from any substaintial Stateside success but still made them cult heroes here. 403 more words


Jack White, Insane Clown Posse, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart walk into a bar... No really, it's actually happening

That sounds like the beginning to a filthy joke about powdered wigs and Faygo, but those three parties are actually getting together for what should be a wild collaboration. 268 more words


Taylor Swift bumps Paul McCartney to No. 2 on summer ticket-sellers chart

It can’t buy him love, but money can buy Paul McCartney the mightiest summer concert tour.

…Oh, wait. Nope.

TicketsNow has released the numbers for July’s summer concerts in its monthly Entertainment Index, and Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour sits atop the online marketplace’s list. 226 more words


U2 break Rolling Stones' record for highest-grossing tour of all time: Have you seen it yet? Take our poll

In one of the few measurable victories Ireland gets over Great Britain, U2 recently surpassed the Rolling Stones’ record for highest-grossing tour of all-time with their… 324 more words


'NOW That's What I Call Love': Hinder's 'Lips of an Angel' for Valentine's Day? Really?!

There are plenty of questionable song choices on NOW That’s What I Call Love (out Jan. 26), which a press release sent this morning bills as “A PERFECT VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT” featuring “20 unforgettable love songs from today’s top artists.” I mean, Hoobastank’s “The Reason”? 360 more words

Things That Really Could Have Been Avoided

PRESS RELEASE OF THE DAY: Maury Povich's Erection Election Special

Leave it to Maury Povich to remind us what’s really important on election day:


220 more words

Press Release of the Day: Maury Wants a Piece of the Hot Teen Pregnancy Action

Jamie-Lyn Spears, Sarah Palin’s daughter, “Juno,” “Secret Life of the American Teenager” — oh yeah, now everyone’s hip to teen pregnancy. But Maury Povich is here to remind you that he cornered the teen pregnancy marketplace years ago. 262 more words