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Lumo: The Vague, Frustrating, Death Machine

So, I picked up my boyfriend’s Vita 2 days ago and saw that he had some game called Lumo downloaded on there. I saw a mage’s cape and a wizard’s hat, so I was like “why not?” Not knowing wtf this was, I pressed start. 623 more words

Press Start

10 Cloverfield Lane Review (Something for you to watch on Hulu)

When the original Cloverfield movie came out, I was hooked. I used to watch it everyday when I came home from school. I used to read all the theories from fans about the lore and where the monster came from. 742 more words

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Cruisin' Down The Street in My Regalia: Final Fantasy XV Review

It’s been a long and dangerous trek. I’ve nearly lost my sanity more times than I can count. Hours, nay, DAYS of fighting and starving. Sleep deprivation abundant. 1,478 more words

Press Start

Corridor Z Review (PS4 and PS Vita)

Corridor Z will forever have a place in my heart. It may, in fact, go down as one of the most memorable video game experiences I have ever had. 1,353 more words

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Resistance Burning Skies Overall Impressions (PS Vita)

Let me start by saying, I was a HUGE fan of the Resistance series back in the days of the PS3. The Resistance franchise is top 3 for me (1. 1,115 more words

Some Guy Named Phil

the game

played inscrutably
is often mistaken
for living

eyes wide shut
we play without

the trudging
of our life-steps

for dancing

Europe-based org shares crowdfunding journalism insights

Wendy Funes is from Honduras, one of the most dangerous places in Central America to be a journalist. She does not speak English, and her network of friends and connections is not big. 523 more words