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#ShowcaseSunday: "No Place Like Home" – Mandibelle16 @mandibelle16

Amanda is well-versed in all styles of writing and she always has an interesting take on prompts, poetry and her fiction. Be sure to check out her blog – you’ll be impressed! 43 more words


#ShowcaseSunday: "Sorry, Storm" – A Reading Writer @rosemawrites

Being loved can make you feel invincible…

I’ve been following Rosema for a very long time and her writing is always a pleasure to read. On this Showcase Sunday, visit Rosema’s blog! 43 more words


#ShowcaseSunday: The Massage (Part 1) | What Sandra Thinks @whatsandrathnks

Hmmm…What would you do if you were in Amanda’s shoes?

This is a reblog from What Sandra Thinks, one of my favorite fiction writers on WP. 76 more words


DIY Christmas gift name tags

I really like pingbacks because they introduce us to blogs we might not otherwise come across and it got me thinking, ‘Why not take it a step further?’  So, using the… 84 more words


NaNoWriMo 2015 Fun #NaNoToons

I love these cartoons! Be sure to check out more recent ones at the NaNoToons blog!

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the cartoon above.



The Write Life

 Bog People the Ultimate Transmogrify

“Human bodies can last thousands of years in a Northern European peat bog without completely decomposing, due to the low-oxygen and highly acidic environment that develops in these ancient soils.”

135 more words

Press This: The Only 3 Types of Writing People Actually Want to Read #blogging

Hmmmm…Do you agree with this article and that “your blog is not your personal journal” ?

And what about the blogger’s suggestion about the trifecta of “Entertain, Educate and Inspire”? 11 more words