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Getting My Juice GONE (p.2)

“Survivor” is reality TV’s longest-running program. “Survivor” is also my new middle name after a vicious three-day juice cleanse last weekend. For my pre-cleanse (sane) state of mind, refer to last week’s… 787 more words


Getting My Juice ON (p.1)

My daughter has a knack for making me do things I wouldn’t choose to do myself. Perhaps it’s because she was unexpected at birth (I came from a family of five boys and already had two sons of my own). 632 more words


My Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanse Experience

Pressed Juicery quickly became one of my obsessions before even taking a sip thanks to Instagram. Half way into my contract in Oakland, I had found myself bloated, sluggish and totally out of shape thanks to all the fried food I stuffed my happy face with. 1,058 more words

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Freeze by Pressed Juicery

Hey everyone! So recently when I was in Boston with my family, i went to Pressed Juicery.  So I thought i’d share my experience with you guys! 175 more words

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

Getting back into the groove of things after returning home from a vacation is never easy. Between the hassle of unpacking, reconfiguring of priorities, and recovering from jetlag, making healthy food choices is the last thing on my mind.* 794 more words


28. balance. getting shit done. and resetting. 

Good lord, I’ve waited all day for this Vanilla Almond juice from @pressedjuicery. I decided to do a juice cleanse for the day because I just have not been able to reset my nutrition. 239 more words


Pressed Juicery Juice Cleanse

Are You Sitting Comfortably…

…or have you already fallen in shock?

As you all know, I am a very “dirty” eater. Whether it’s sweet and sugary, deep-fried or salty, you just know I’m gonna eat it. 444 more words