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Using the University System for Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Physical Violence

Using the Georgia College University system (also called the administrative process or Title IX Process) may be a good option for you if the perpetrator is a student or employee at Georgia College. 167 more words

Pressing Charges

Using the State System: Criminal and Civil Procedures

Criminal Justice Procedures
Using the criminal justice system is one of the most common channels for victims of sexual assault. This process typically includes reporting the incident to police, the perpetrator being charged in court, and the perpetrator facing criminal sanctions if found guilty of the offense. 737 more words

Pressing Charges

If You Want to Press Charges: State System versus the University System

If you decide that you want to pursue action through the justice system, you have several options. If you decide that you want to pursue criminal or civil action, then using the state system is a good option. 141 more words

Pressing Charges