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Drop the pressure

Recently I went on a date in Stoke Newington with a guy who was the world’s most colossal bell end. I didn’t know this before the date obviously, otherwise I would have written the whole thing off as a near disaster and stayed at home downing red wine and watching Mr Robot instead. 505 more words

Beer Festival for one

Talking about beer for me is still a bit like when I try to talk about football – it’s something I really enjoy but it’s only a matter of time before I say something stupid and negate myself from the conversation. 743 more words

Pressure Drop Simcoe IPA 7.2%

This is the second Pressure Drop beer I’ve tried and I really enjoyed the last one which was Cascadian Dark Rye Ale, so I am looking forward to this. 175 more words


Michael & Sam Smith: dad and son at Parkrun

Everyone has a story. Hackney’s Pressure Drop brewer Sam Smith and his oldest son, 10-year-old Michael, have just completed a running milestone – their 30th Parkrun round Highbury Fields. 1,291 more words


Music Monday - pressure drop

I said pressure drop, oh, pressure
Oh yeah, pressures gonna drop on you

Music Monday

An ale that makes you go yuck

So. It’s been a busy month or so. For no other reason than works been bonkers. 9pm, 10 pm evenings and no lunch hours. I’m fat, pale and stressed. 567 more words