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Why the best toys aren't toys at all

Children are always more interested in the big cardboard box than the shiny new toy inside, so the saying goes. And that’s often proved true in this household, with my husband and I trying to sneak old, bulky packaging outside once Scrip has gone to bed, hoping that out of sight, out of mind works. 370 more words


Monday Funday: Make A Food Play Character!

Sometimes a piece of food looks just like an animal, a person or a face. This is a great opportunity to create a character you can play with again and again, like this Potato-Hedgehog Adventurer with pear goggles, who seems to have gotten lost in the desert…. 161 more words

Speech Therapy

Against All Odds

Have you ever wondered why most people consider unlimited possibilities for themselves to be flights of fancy, daydreams, for the lucky ones or just plain false?  693 more words

Miniature Doll House Toy Accessories

My daughter enjoys her miniature doll house. Her favorite past-time is to dress the toys in all kinds of different outfits. She can spend hours in pretend play with her toys and accessories. 156 more words