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Anybody Want to Buy a Heart?

*The following post was inspired by this Album*

I used to write all the time.  I’m kind of ashamed I don’t anymore.  Maybe it’s a good thing, because the reason I don’t write anymore is that I just don’t have the time.   675 more words


"I don't know what I want to do with my life. Help!"

If you’ve ever sat yourself down and thought about your bright future only to come up with a massive black hole of doubt and fear and uncertainty, then welcome to my world and the world of most people under the age of thirty. 418 more words

i owe all my old housemates an apology

On Monday night I got told off for cleaning too much.

This has literally never happened to me before. I have been told off for not cleaning enough. 533 more words

Pretending To Be An Adult

on the mental perils of home ownership.

There are many things i enjoy about owning a house. I like the security of knowing that I’m not going to suddenly be priced out of my own home by an idiot landlord deciding to up the rent by an extortionate amount. 705 more words

Wonky Logic

i'm having some issues with lipstick.

I’ve recently decided to experiment with lipstick.

I’m not quite sure what made this happen; I’ve tried and failed with lipstick many times in the past. 770 more words

Wonky Logic

on giving up fat talk.

For the past umpteen months, I’ve been working on an extension of Operation Functional Human. After all, I seem to have got the functional thing pretty sorted; I have house and job and relationship and I am good at getting out of bed and talking to people and putting clothes on (not necessarily in that order, although when my Dad drops in unannounced for a Saturday morning cup of tea and I’m still in my jimjams, sometimes in that order). 633 more words

Pretending To Be An Adult

how i shacked up with an evil genius

In the three years that I’ve been with my Farthing Wood Friend, I have always a little bit tried to pretend that I have the power in our relationship. 675 more words

Pretending To Be An Adult