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album of the year !

After much discussion and adjudication, our panel of experts have agreed, unanimously!


Every home should have one!

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special christmas competition !

How many pricks can you spot in this photo?

The first person to reply with the correct answer wins a Reverend Bizarre swag bag (no, we don’t mean Tamara’s purse), full of goodies.

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"And then sometimes you just have to bow your head in shame and realize you’re rip-off masters"

Three months on from this post, more than a month on from the date given therein:


…and no one has seen a copy of the vinyl version of Lord Vicar’s “Gates of Flesh”. 68 more words

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has anyone seen Lord Vicar's "Gates of Flesh" vinyl?

The special “package”, originally announced last year (!), then postponed, then rescheduled two months ago, and expected to ship yesterday, has not been seen by anyone anywhere… 98 more words

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augustus caesar forever!

August is upon us, and brings not just one but two Kimi Kärki albums: the vinyl pressing of Lord Vicar’s “Gates of Flesh”, and his second solo offering, “Eye for an Eye”… Seeing how both of them have been severely delayed/pushed back from their initially announced release dates, we are looking forward to further updates with bated breath. 67 more words

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A cure for insomnia

It’s not uncommon to find oneself unable to sleep this summer… The heat, the mosquitos, the excitement and anticipation for the release of Opium Warlords’ Droner may all keep one from shutting those eyelids and laying one’s head to rest… 54 more words

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Journey planner for wandering Vicars.

The month of June is upon us, and Kimi is running out of days in this country that welcomed him where things happen that he does not approve of, but is hoping to return to anyway, if… 500 more words

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