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On Vacation :: Miami

The Pretentious Palette is on vacation this week in Miami!

A few images from Slim Aarons showcasing all of our amazing activities…well, almost. But aren’t they inspiring you to take your next sunny vacation? 96 more words

Pretentious Sojourns

Vacation Badly Needed

The greyness and the cold has kidnapped my soul and all I can think about is leaving to be pampered somewhere, or visually enlightened and creatively inspired. 162 more words

Pretentious Sojourns

Dutch Wedding Tradition

Perhaps this should be titled, “Dutch Wedding Practice,” rather than tradition, but I thought this was a really interesting custom that many of you would find noteworthy. 340 more words

Screaming Beans :: Amsterdam

We were just in Amsterdam, a quaint city we called home for about a year (although my husband had lived there for about 5 years before I came along). 576 more words

Pretentious Sojourns


Inspiration is a difficult thing, yet it is the beginning the ethos and cornerstone to so many of the amazing things we have in our lives. 302 more words

Pretentious Sojourns

Maternity Leave

The Pretentious Palette has been seriously on hold as I’ve been on Maternity leave.

So many friends had said they thought that having a baby meant three months (or a year in a half here in Sweden) off to read magazines, take the wee one out for a latte during the day with other new mums, or have a glass of rose at home with girlfriends in the backyard. 183 more words

Pretentious Sojourns

Take Me to Saigon

Perhaps it is the New York City heat that is reminding me of my time in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam. Rising temperatures, crowded streets, trafficked alleys (there motorbikes with 2-5 persons riding atop replace yellow cabs), and most importantly….incredible food.   252 more words

Pretentious Sojourns