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Foot in the Door

Slowly but surely, the cream of the artistic world filled the exquisite little hall. There was Riley in her million-dollar headdress, and Lucas with his elaborate venetian mask. 638 more words

The Goldfinch. Movie Review.

I mentioned in my review of The Farewell how buzz from film festivals can effect desire to see a film as soon as possible for those us that can’t attend these festivals. 294 more words

The most pretentious post you will ever read...

Well hello everybody! So, two things have been irritating me lately: 1) people calling things pretentious when they’re not actually pretentious (no beautiful writing does not automatically equal pretentious) and 2) pretentious people being pretentious (usually the same people labelling things pretentious when they’re not). 431 more words


Pretentious Ramblings #2

My thoughts are fragmented, chopped up, though not necessarily asinine as I race to get them down on paper. Don’t lose it, don’t lose it. I cling to sentences loosely strung together in my head as they slip away and i’m left with mediocre phrasing that doesn’t quite make sense when you only read it once but that’s okay. 206 more words



Is It Me Or Is There A Special Kind Of Disgust Disrespect That Comes With Knowing Someone Is Just All Talk?

~ One Of A Kind.

Photo by John Volante on Unsplash.


An Ambiguous Medium: Lee Ufan - Barry Schwabsky

“His sculptures all bear the same title, Relatum, and in a 1971 Relatum (originally titled Language) a group of stones sit on colored pillows, like little prince or maybe Buddhas. 164 more words

Tanpa Kategori

On the Allure of the Sun

staring at the brick – patiently waiting for the moment it enters my skull- a fucking cinder block going 300 mph
no questions, no time for questions… 140 more words