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WILDFLOWER by The Avalanches

Wow. 16 years after their debut studio album and literally 16 years in the making, the second album by The Avalanches finally arrived. Of what we have heard from the singles of the album, is that it will probably be a really psychedelic plunderphonics + hip hop record. 1,537 more words


染まる音を確認したら (Somaru Oto wo Kakunin Shitara) by 宇宙コンビニ(Uchu Conbini)

This was originally posted on my emo themed blog, which is now dead

Midwest emo in Japanese? Now this is something i’ve always wanted to hear, hell yeah this is gonna kick ass!! 525 more words


Somewhere Else by Somebody's Basement

Originally posted on my emo themed blog

Yes, if you haven’t noticed, i’m going to listen to every single album labeled as midwest emo and review it. 572 more words


The Straight Story by David Lynch (David Lynch marathon part 2)

Released in the 15th October 1999. The genres are “road movie”, “drama” and biopic. It is 1 hour 52 minutes long.


Alright, based on the genres I think this is going to be pretty boring (or at least not that good) At least the music is made by Angelo Badalamenti (he did the music for Twin Peaks, and it’s wonderful) I really like the poster too. 370 more words


The Utopia of Rules by David Graeber

Bureaucracy! You hate it! You love it! Quite possibly your workday is clenched between its squeaky-clean cogs.

Inflexible and stupid rules. Little else can make me as furious. 369 more words


Moulin Rouge

I didn’t know John Huston directed Moulin Rouge in 1952. A friend, who also likes old movies,  shared a couple DVDs with me and this is one of them. 248 more words


You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs) by Another Sunny Day

This is an EP by jangle pop/twee pop band Another Sunny Day, I’ve hear that they’re great so I decided to check this EP out. It was released on 1989, and it’s their only EP. 274 more words