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Sequel is a Sequel, People Get Angry: Men In Black II, PG13, 2002

MIIB is trashed almost across the board, and I can’t seem to figure out why. “Lazy”? A sequel? NEVER. “Doesn’t expand on the original universe”? Does it need to? 321 more words

Pretty Good

Gangsters Do Some Things: Pulp Fiction, R, 1994

During the end credits, my boyfriend and I agreed: something was missing.

I don’t think it’s a spoiler now to mention that we do eventually see Marsellus Wallace’s face (he does not, in fact, look like a bitch) or that the movie is out of order a la Memento. 148 more words

Lotsa Larfs N Sex

We are the dreamers of dreams.

I do believe that we make our own luck. Don’t get me wrong, I am a social scientist, I KNOW that some aspects of everyone’s life are influenced by one’s upbringing, social standing and personal background. 296 more words

J & The World

Famous Actor is Alcoholic, Gay, and Dead: A Liar's Autobiography, R, 2012

My favorite Python really seems to outshine the other cast members. His song lyrics are remarkable, his delivery impeccable, and his shirtless scenes are top notch. 339 more words

Lotsa Larfs N Sex

JB & The Chop Do: The Amityville Horror (2005)

HA! After months of watching some really crap drab Amityville films, we finally get to the one that I have been waiting for… the only film of this entire franchise I had even actually seen before undertaking this project! 930 more words


Plastic Memories Episode 1 Impressions

So on Friday I believe, I sat down to start watching the new season of anime.

I’d already scoured the anichart to find the shows that I thought looked interesting, and Plastic Memories was one of them. 396 more words


Banshee: Season 2 (2014)


What I liked:

  • Hood and Siobhan finally getting their thing on. Seriously, I am so freaking over anything that is Carrie related it is insane, so to have him moving on in life is really good.
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