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One of my favorite quotes is from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

Every time I hear the quote I think, “What do you have to do to get the nickname “Tremendous” “? 68 more words

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The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount Char is about a family of librarians. Sort of.

Sort of a family, because I guess that’s what you become when all your parents are simultaneously murdered and you’re adopted by a timeless demigod (not-so-fondly known as ‘Father’). 673 more words


The Best American Essays 2015, edited by Ariel Levy

Here’s the reviews for:

Ariel Levy wrote the best essay of last year: Thanksgiving in Mongolia — wherein she delivered a premature birth in a Mongolian hotel room. 529 more words


Batman Begins: Batman Begins, PG13, 2005

(Major spoiler discussions below.)

This movie is so succinct that it hasn’t earned itself a parody title. “Batman begins” is a perfect plot summary. We see the older Waynes’ deaths, the deliberate isolation, the triumphant return, and the defeat of the first major villains in this canon. 352 more words

Pretty Good

Would you rather win the Nobel Prize or be a rock star?

“Why do you ask me such difficult questions while I am driving” I ask Naomi, looking out of the conner of my eye she is painting her nails, I think she calls it nude. 173 more words

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Openly Racist Detective Becomes Less So: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, PG, 1988

Replace the use of “toon” in this movie with any slur and suddenly it’d be R rated fare. Quoth the protagonist, multiple times and with increasing frustration, “I don’t work for toons!”; plans for a major highway are said to be so ridiculous only a toon could come up with them; “one (adjective) toon” is heard frequently about bad characters. 378 more words

Pretty Good

Kayako's Delivery Service: Ju-On: The Grudge, R, 2002

About three quarters through this movie, this still appears, and so quickly that it took me five tries to scrub back through and find it again: 261 more words