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You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs) by Another Sunny Day

This is an EP by jangle pop/twee pop band Another Sunny Day, I’ve hear that they’re great so I decided to check this EP out. It was released on 1989, and it’s their only EP. 274 more words


Waste Yrself by Teen Suicide REVIEW

I was originally going to review their new album, but it’s ONE HOUR LONG. I’m not in the mood to review an album, so here comes WASTE YRSELF, Teen Suicide’s fourth (or second?) EP! 491 more words



AND IT’S A SOCCER SONG, JESUS CHRIST. This song is supposed to be the anthem for the Euro 2016, and I really hope it’s not extremely poppy (I know it will be, though) But come on, It’s Manic Street Preachers, what can go wrong? 199 more words


Opinionated Review: Marvel's "Civil War"

If you don’t know a lot about me, one thing I can tell you is that yes, I am a little pretentious with my music and movies. 747 more words

Corporate America

How's It Going?

I started out writing a post about how the boy in this picture is all of my students right now.

Then I realized that the boy in this picture is actually  158 more words


Melt EP by Magic Potion

This EP was released in the first of June, 2015. I’m going to review it because I just found them in the Record Store Day promotional CD and I fell in love with their comfyness. 358 more words


Review: Hitman Episode 1

The mere fact the latest entry in the long running stealth series is simply called Hitman suggests that it’s a series that’s very much striving to return to its roots… 1,017 more words

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