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Kayako's Delivery Service: Ju-On: The Grudge, R, 2002

About three quarters through this movie, this still appears, and so quickly that it took me five tries to scrub back through and find it again: 261 more words



most days
we make do –
pretty good moon


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Girl Endangers Everyone She Encounters: The Wild Thornberrys Movie, PG, 2002

Tonight I’m raising a glass to Debbie Thornberry, who, in this chapter in particular, makes some decent points about being overlooked because you’re the oldest and seem to have it together. 469 more words

Pretty Good

The Conversation (1974)

— discovered on netflix, this very 70’s Francis Ford Coppola film.

At its root is Harry Caul, a bugger, a ‘surveillance man’ freelancing his time and expertise selling tapped conversations to interested buyers, typically the US government. 735 more words


It Had To Be Snakes: The Taking of Deborah Logan, R, 2014

(ENORMOUS TW for needle-phobes- there’s a spinal tap and the patient screams in pain. Also emetophobic situations, frequent age-related hospital visits, and child abduction.)

Some years before I became a mediocre movie blogger, I fenced. 338 more words


Manchild Accidentally Commits Murder, Deliberately Gets Brainwashed: A Clockwork Orange, X, 1971

TW: shocking amount of man-on-woman sexual assault, man-on-man beatings, torture, excessive nudity and objectification, mostly of ciswomen.

I finished the bezoomny book on Sunday, o my brothers, and in honor of… 310 more words

Pretty Good

Child Freezes To Death: The Little Matchgirl, G, 2006

Today I learned that a basic addendum to my “consume Disney responsibly” mantra is “if Hans Christian Andersen wrote it, it’s probably unfit for children under 12”. 148 more words

Pretty Good