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Just a Cutie or a Hottie?

So, I once asked a friend of mine what his “type” was. In his response he mentioned the criterion “hotness”. That was it; there wasn’t a definition of “hotness”. 558 more words

Over The Rainbow

Pretty By Night

The night I met Blain was cool and crisp. I’ll never forget how he smelled of wood smoke and vanilla, how was I supposed to know that douche baggary smelled like wood smoke and vanilla? 1,134 more words


Say it again...Zumba what?

I don’t like running, I can’t afford gym membership, but I it’s almost impossible to stay fit only by swimming…those were the thoughts going through my mind in a windy afternoon while heading home from the Uni. 723 more words

Serious Stuff

Me and stupid fascination to guys who look almost female...orz

Forgive me if I haven’t been posting, work has been toxic last month.


I just found another band worth listening to even if they’re only in their 20s (Crap…shotakon….) and their vocalist is drop dead gorgeous with a damn good sense of fashion. 95 more words

Stuff I'm Not Sure Where To Put