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The Apocalypse is here ...

Stories of the end of civilized life have always fascinated us, from the mythological world endings, Armageddon to Ragnorok, to the flood stories of across the Ancient world. 78 more words


I am not easily distracted... OOOHHH something pretty!

It is national goof off day. Yep, that is a thing. I am a little past my “goof” days, but I love to take a few moments, now and then, just to look at something pretty. 27 more words

Sea Theme

Pretty Things

A little bit of string
Round and round
The weathered trunk
Such a pretty thing

I don’t know why it’s there
Not that I really care… 33 more words


Who are you?

Simple.  Read the posts that people put on Facebook.  It’s easy to tally up what their likes are.  I keep my posts private so only family and close friends can see them.  132 more words

The brilliant Pretty Things at Skegness - Photos

It has been decades since I last saw the Pretty Things. During their psychedelic phase they used to play around the college circuit in London and I caught them a number of times. 329 more words


Second Week of Florida 2018

We spent some time down in Naples with my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bob. There was some eating and hanging out involved. One visit included a yummy rib dinner at Bricktops, and a visit with Girl Cousin Lindsay, her husband Rob B. 640 more words

Family Life

The Pretty Things Seduced Me!!!

The Pretty Things Seduced Me!!!

Yes!! I was seduced!! I went along to the Sixties Festival in Skegness. I blame it on the Pretty Things, PP Arnold, Geno Washington, Chris Farlowe, the Searchers and the Crystals featuring La La Brooks. 421 more words