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Spring Inspired Makeup || Collaborative Lookbook

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This post has been a long time coming and one of my toughest yet if I’m being honest. I set out to do this as a huge collaborative post with a tonne of different bloggers, but I just didn’t get much interest. 600 more words


Identifying Barbie - Candy

So, this is Candy. Yes, people have laughed at me for naming a doll Candy! But I thought that she looked a bit like candy (pink hair, purple lips & eyes and glitter on her face). 246 more words

Stories & Experiences

Obsessing Thoughts about How I Look...

I just want to fix these thoughts that I recurringly have that bring me DOWN…

I fixate on how I look so much it’s unhealthy. I was thinking, once I get my hair cut the way I want it (a long bob), then I can just do it the same way everyday and not have to think about whether I like it or not. 297 more words

Spring Photography + A Song

Hey guess what, everyone? I still take pictures!

I know, right.


Anyway, it’s been forever since a picture post and it’s spring and I have a bit of a backlog so… here we are! 231 more words


Styling tips for a wedding guest - What to wear

Dress – InTheStyle

This weekend my secondary school friend got married!! I only attended the reception so I thought it was a good chance to share with you how I would dress for a wedding party. 281 more words


City Glow ( A Thought By James J )

I spend a lot of nights looking out of my window at the city. The lights are beautiful. They flicker and dance all over the streets and skyline. 107 more words