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Glutino is a brand of gluten free food that offers a multitude of different things. They have bread, cookies (one of the products is like Oreos and makes a good substitute), granola bars, box mix for pizza crust and pancakes, toaster pastries, crackers, pretzels, and more. 86 more words


Beer Grain Pretzels

The best part of having a husband, who brews his own beer, is all the leftover spent beer grains. I just adore using them in all my savory cooking to impart a unique flavor profile and up the whole grains in the recipe. 266 more words

Banana Boats

This is when you split a banana down the middle, but not all the way through, and you put things in the banana crack to be the passengers on the boat, as it were. 33 more words


Hammond Pretzels, Worship and Cherubs

The end of Genesis chapter recounts a tragedy.  The beautifully perfect couple, Adam and Eve, have chosen to become defiled by arrogance and pride.  Included in the account of their being are thrown out of house and home, the Garden of Eden, is the Bible’s first mention of “cherubim”, what our culture has nicknamed, “cherubs.”  I typed in “cherubs” and googled endless images of adorable chubby little winged creatures zipping through the air with bow and arrow in hand, playfully shooting arrows of love. 1,082 more words

A Simple Pretzel's Makeover

How simple can a pretzel be? A pretzel is made from a dough with a mixture of flour, salt and water. Because of the simplicity of its ingredients, the traditional pretzel is a good food to eat, even during this Lenten Season. 296 more words


Munich, Germany

Greetings from my lunch break!

I’m currently one cup of coffee in and ready to make it through the day. Tuesday’s are a later start for me, 10am. 839 more words