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Melander steps down as St. Paul Building Trades' top officer

Harry Melander has stepped down after 10 years as the executive secretary of the St. Paul Building and Construction Trades Council, which swore Don Mullin into office as Melander’s successor in the full-time position at a delegate meeting tonight. 976 more words

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Budget debate: Senate votes 17-16 to repeal state's prevailing wage law

MADISON — The state Senate has passed a rollback of the state’s prevailing wage law, which sets minimum salaries for construction workers on public projects. 584 more words


Senate Votes to Exempt Local Governments, Schools From Prevailing Wage Law

The State Senate has voted to include changes to the state’s prevailing wage law in the state budget bill.  The changes would:

  • Exempt all local governments, including school districts, technical college districts, and municipal utilities, and off-site trucking from Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws.
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Senate to Take up Budget, Prevailing Wage Today

From Wispolitics:

The Legislature’s plans for the state budget took a dramatic turn with the Senate today taking up the document first and planning to take up an amendment that would repeal prevailing wage laws for local governments. 134 more words

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No, Jeff Wagner, Holding Up the Budget to Eliminate Prevailing Wage is not Stupid

As a general rule, I agree with Jeff Wagner.  Today, driving back from spending the 4th with family and friends, I listened to a “Best of Jeff Wagner” on 620 WTMJ.  395 more words

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Prevailing Wage: And the Sell Out That Just Happened.

Usually things can be easily grasped if you avoid the details and look at a broader picture…  Of course, I’m not saying never look at details… That would be silly…  But I’m saying that if you approach all situations from the bottom up, you really don’t have a clue unless you luckily enough to reach the summit and look down…  It is like climbing a mountain… If you just walk uphill… you may get there… or you may hit a wall that cannot be climbed… But looking at a satellite photo of the mountain first, you can easily track a general path, then deal with the details discovered on the ground when you get there…. 1,473 more words


Republican senators discussing Bucks arena, prevailing wage

MADISON — Republican state senators are meeting behind closed doors to talk about the three main issues that have held up passage of a Wisconsin state budget for the past month. 96 more words

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