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Timelines for Prevailing Wage Determinations Now More Than 4 Months

The DOL recently reported that Prevailing Wage requests for both H-1B and PERM cases are taking about 5 months to process.  For those planning to file an employer sponsored PERM case, this means really advance planning is needed.   212 more words


Governor Brown Signs Bill Requiring Contractors to Pay Apprentices for Pre-Employment Processes

Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law AB 1926, which amends Labor Code section 1777.5 to require contractors who request the dispatch of an apprentice to work on a public works project and require the apprentice to “fill out an application or undergo testing, training, an examination, or other preemployment process as a condition of employment” to pay the apprentice for the time spent on that activity, including travel to and from the activity, at the apprentice’s applicable prevailing wage rate. 44 more words

Prevailing Wage

California DLSE Updates Public Works Manual

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the state agency responsible for administering and enforcing California’s prevailing wage law, recently issued an updated version of its Public Works Manual [ 56 more words

Prevailing Wage

Gov. Scott Walker at odds with Assembly Republicans over how to fix road funding shortfall

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker wants the state Transportation Department to delay spending on major road projects in southeastern Wisconsin, putting him at odds with fellow Republicans in the Assembly. 683 more words


Prevailing Wage Law Repeal Update for School Districts

2015 Wisconsin Act 55 (the budget bill) repealed the state prevailing wage law for school districts and other local governmental units (villages, towns, cities) effective January 1, 2017.  198 more words

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H-1B fraud solutions

The H-1B program has been coming under attack lately. Ted Cruz wants to put a moratorium on H-1B visa. That seems to be the Republican solution to every crisis—-stop it and put your head under the sand, and the problem will go away. 22 more words

Dear WVGOP, have you no decency?

For those of you that have been keeping up with the state legislature recently, what you have witnessed is living history of a party going rogue against the people of this state. 534 more words