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Protect you from asthma without chemicals


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The horrible fact of the absence of an effective remedy or final cure for people suffering from asthma still a real problem which push us to ask the follow question : can we really prevent the attack before being attached to the puffer use in a daily way? 368 more words

Allergy Asthma

Great Asthma Tips That Can Really Help You

Are you stressed about asthma and how it’s ruining your life? You’re not the only one. Lots of people would like to get more knowledge on asthma but don’t know where to go. 338 more words


Prevent Asthma, Alllergies, skin infections clean you sofas, mattresses and carpets regularly by Professionals

There is a growing number of people suffering from allergies, asthma and skin issues. Some scientists say that theses are  carpets and upholstery to blame for   those issues due to high amount of mite and bacteria residues, however; new research shows that it is not so straightforward as  properties with hard floors only like ones most common in eastern Europe, Italy, France  are not any safer as ‘our little friends’ can be found anywhere. 228 more words

Different Kinds of Allergic Asthma and symptoms- What's the Difference? You can know

There are 2 main types of symptoms of Allergic asthma. The foremost is the type that is certainly trigger through above level of sensitivity to some certain specific chemical as an example seed pollen or perhaps kitten coat. 266 more words


All-Important Asthma Tips to Keep the Disorder at Bay

Asthma is a common respiratory disorder found in countless men and women all over the world. The occurrence of this chronic inflammatory disease has gone up considerably since the 1970s. 424 more words


How to Control and Prevent Asthma

The number of children and adults suffering from asthma has been steadily rising over the years throughout the world. The continuous increase of pollutants in the air has been in many ways been responsible for the rise in the number of cases of this incurable disease. 550 more words


Asthma Basics: Everything You Need to Know About Asthma

Asthma is a disease which causes your lung airways to produce mucus and become narrow, making it an asthmatic person hard to breathe.  Allergic asthma can be caused by certain allergens like dusts, allergies, medicines, chemicals, pollens, or pet hair.  167 more words