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8 unexpected ways to decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s

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As we age, our brains can begin to get less sharp, making it harder to learn new things or remember key events. 857 more words


Supaya Tidak Merusak Gairah Bercinta, Cegah Bau Penis Dengan 4 Trik Ini

Ketika bercinta dengan pasangan, Anda mungkin mencium bau tak sedap dari penis. Penis yang berbau mungkin tidak membuat nyaman. Bahkan bisa menurunkan gairah seksual.

Ada beberapa cara yang Anda lakukan untuk mengurangi bau pada penis, sesuai dikutip dari… 161 more words


#GQ4GH: Myths about suicide busted

One unfortunate outcome of failing to deal with depression is suicide. The World Health Organisation estimates that over 800,000 deaths worldwide per year are due to suicide. 422 more words


Critique of Government's Latest 'Anti-Terror' Laws

Abdul Wahid here gives a short critique of the latest ‘anti-terror’ laws and it doesn’t take a legal mastermind to see how these new laws are going to be used to ratchet up the pressure on the Muslims of the UK. 489 more words

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No, Drinking Alkaline Water Will Not Treat Or Prevent Cancer

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Could the cure to cancer be as simple as drinking alkaline water? originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. 750 more words

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HPV Infection Rates Plummet With Vaccination

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Controversy has followed human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines such as Gardisil (NYSE:MRK) since their introduction. This is despite study after study that have confirmed their safety and efficacy.  865 more words

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Ways to Prevent Jeans From Fading in the Wash

Everyone wears jeans.This is due to the simplicity and confidence that come from them. They can be considered as unavoidable elements in the wardrobe. But they are expensive and need to be taken care of properly to prolong their lives. 711 more words