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Will 'Prevent' stop radicalisation?

In his countering extremism speech in Birmingham last week, David Cameron called for “strong”, “positive” and “reforming” Muslim voices to be given more prominence to help tackle radicalisation – the “struggle of our generation”. 519 more words

"Man With Concealed Carry Permit Prevents Mass Shooting"

“An Ohio concealed carrier prevented a tragedy Sunday, as he fired upon a man who was trying to kill a woman he got into an argument with, as well as her one year old child, and innocent bystanders.” 30 more words


Handle Allowances Wisely

Prevent misclassfication when giving allowances to your employees by following these golden rules.

Fight with you cavities... ! Naturally !

Some people believes that, eating too much sweets or skipping tooth brushing for few days can causes cavities. But this is not necessarily true.

Dental cavities or decay can caused by some other factors like these 3- 145 more words


Take Back Your Outdoor Living Space: 4 Tips on How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Do you know how to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your backyard? The fastest, easiest, and surprisingly, most affordable method is by working with a professional pest service. 142 more words

This is how you can prevent breast cancer!

Today breast cancer is one the most dangerous disease in women after skin and lung cancer among women. Etiologically depends upon geographical location, genetically, oestrogen access. 675 more words

Conflating Culture with Faith only Alienates Us Further

I have to admit that as a young, British Muslim, I was excited to hear what our Prime Minister had to announce on Monday. After all, the matter of extremism is not only a concern for non-Muslim Britons, but even more so for British Muslims. 981 more words