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Avoid At All Costs!

As you are walking down a dark alley, alone, in the dark cold nights where the street lights were flickering, you sensed a malevolent presence near you. 916 more words


How to Prevent Carpet Allergens in Your Home | First Property Choice Real Estate Directory

Birds, mice, rats, ferrets, squirrels, cats and dogs all produce and shed animal dander. If you have any of those in your home, you would suffer an allergenic reaction to animal dander, and have a professional in-home service company test when it comes to the presence of pet dander. 13 more words

If you have diabetes, take special care of your feet

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If you have diabetes, doctors advise that you take good care of your feet. That’s because this chronic disease characterised by high blood sugar can cause nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) and poor blood flow in your feet, both of which increase your risk of developing foot infections and other problems. 389 more words

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Exercise, not vitamins, urged to prevent falls in seniors

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Exercise, rather than supplements like vitamin D, is the best way to avoid falls, the leading cause of injury-related death among people over 65, new US guidelines say… 372 more words

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डेंगू और चिकनगुनिया से बचाव के उपाय

कैसे करें बचाव

मानसून सीज़न में डेंगू और चिकनगुनिया की समस्या बढ़ जाती है लेकिन अगर इस पर ध्यान न दिया जाए तो यह जानलेवा हो सकती है। क्या हैं इसके लक्षण और कैसे बचें .


Hair Loss How to Prevent it? Female Pattern Hair Loss - Missy SharonT

How to #Prevent #HairLoss (Female Pattern)? Hair Loss Treatment for FPHL. FPHL can result in extremely distressing psychological situations for females! This is why it is vital that we treat the condition. 22 more words

Migraine warning - avoid these foods to prevent condition that ‘ruins lives’

Migraines are a “brain disease” that involves having a really bad headache.

It can make patients sensitive to light, as well as feeling nauseated.

The condition is more common in women than in men, and it usually occurs in people in their early adulthood. 262 more words