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How to Prevent & Treat a Side Stitch

A Side Stitch or “Transient Abdominal Pain” is a sharp, intense pain under the lower edge of the rib cage, more often on the left side. 310 more words


How to Allow or Prevent Twitter DMs From Anyone

Highlights You can allow anyone to message you on Twitter The private side of Twitter is popularly known as DMs Instructions vary, depending on platform… 51 more words

DIY Hacking

Most people don't benefit from vaccination, but we still need it to prevent infections

Everyone has to be vaccinated for immunisation programs to work.
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Allen Cheng, Monash University

A recent article in The Conversation questioned whether we should all get flu vaccinations, given 99 people would have to go through vaccination for one case of flu to be prevented. 1,155 more words


American Red Cross Sounds the Alarm in New Haven!

Story by: Sue Toomey, American Red Cross

Photos by: Susan Plotner, American Red Cross

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, the American Red Cross in Connecticut held its… 422 more words


Protests taking place around the country in support of jailed ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

Robinson, 35, was jailed for contempt of court last month and this weekend demonstrations took place around the UK by supporters of the jailed ex-English Defence League leader. 114 more words

Community Safety

Teenager Safaa Boular has been found guilty of plotting a terrorist attack - part of the UK's first all female terror group.

The British Museum pictured above was among a shortlist of targets for a possible attack covered up by speak of ‘tea parties’ taking place as a cover up for a terrorist attack. 178 more words

Community Safety

Revisiting the Learner Journey

The aims of the session were to discuss:
  • Improving participation, retention and attendance
  • Using ILT to enhance learning
  • Using individualised targets to stretch all learners including the more able …
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