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5 Morning Habits to Burn More Calories All Day Long

Want to turn your body’s fat-burning potential up a notch? Check out these five ways to wake up and up your calorie burn.

  1. Exercise: That dawn workout doesn’t just put a pep in your step; exercising in the morning also helps boost your metabolism.
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डायबेटीस निदान की षडयंत्र

डायबेटीस आणि उच्च रक्तदाब किंवा हाय ब्लड प्रेशर असलेल्या किमान एखाद्या व्यक्तीला तरी आपण ओळखतो . कॉमन असलेल्या ह्या आजारांनी आपणही ग्रासले जाऊ अशी भीती वाटणे देखील साहजिक आहे .


The Mammogram

As I lay on the procedure table, I could not stifle the laugh that was threatening to take hold of my body. I was repeatedly warned to lie perfectly still because any movement would threaten the accuracy of the biopsy. 1,385 more words

Baby Boomers

NACCHO NEWS: Commissioner calls for action on Indigenous child protection and disability

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda, has called for action on the over-representation of Indigenous children and young people in the child protection system, and for greater support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with disability. 419 more words

Aboriginal Health In The News

Preventing Toxogenic Mold

Benjamin Franklin said it best ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Public health authorities are now cautioning people to keep homes dry and to fix any water problems within 24-48 hours. 133 more words


Four (well, really six) ways you could limit your risk for lethal prostate cancer

A new paper in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has suggested that strict adherence to a four-point healthy lifestyle may be able to lower risk for lethal forms of prostate cancer. 730 more words

Nonprofit Seeks to Bring Attention to Preventing Sports Injuries

It’s considered a “silent epidemic” and it’s threatening our nation’s youth.

We’re talking about sports-related injuries. Every day nearly 8,000 young athletes sustain injuries bad enough to send them to an emergency room, and, if that’s not upsetting enough, take a look at these statistics from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 237 more words