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Going Back to School with CARE

Hi friends! It’s been way too long since we last met on these pages. I’ve very much been wanting to write, but my regular routine has changed considerably since my last post in early December. 277 more words

2018 Flu Epidemic and how to help keep your office running.

With the beginning of 2018 not only a new year started but a massive flu epidemic as well.

The CDC has stated a flu of this nature has not happened in 13 years. 444 more words

The Importance of Sleep for Dancers; Treating Hand & Wrist Injuries

Episode 17.26  Rerun

Segment One (01:25): Julie O’Connell PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, Performing Arts Medicine Program Manager at Athletico-River North talks dancers vs other athletes regarding sleep; what happens during sleep for dancers and useful tips for quality sleep.  302 more words


Practical advice for flu prevention

This is a first draft, so do revisit this page.

Vitamin D3:

Get a pure D3 supplement. My favorite is an oil solution, because you need always to take the vitamin along with oil. 224 more words

Flu prevention with vitamin D3


According to the current state of knowledge, vitamin D3 seems to be a useful home treatment remedy for protection against influenza.

Below I will present some studies supporting this opinon. 827 more words

Simple measures for flu prevention

Having been in charge of infection prevention as a medical officer of a corporation with many traveling employees, I have learned about methods to treat acute virus infections like the Aussie flu with remedies that can be easily implemented at home and even when traveling. 72 more words

Codes for I'm struggling today.

It’s important to understand some things when it comes to someone you think that maybe struggling, they may say it straight out, be nice about it, don’t be mean, they may talk in code and never come straight out and say it, try talking to them many lose this step and arguments fly all over the place, friendships lost because they don’t understand whats going on and throw it in the too hard basket. 70 more words