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Hi Patheos. I’m Dori Mooneyham, a trans-feminist butch lesbian writer, a queer youth counselor, and an infrequent public speaker on queer rights issues. 1,305 more words

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Monotony of Monogamy

A commentary I wrote for the Adventist Review back in 2007 when the Ashley Madison Agency had only a million or so in membership.

The Ashley Madison Agency “is committed to protecting and enhancing principles of personal freedom and social justice” and makes donations to causes such as civil rights and women’s health.” Basic membership is free and allows you to browse and observe; active membership costs $80 a month. 266 more words

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Conservation amongst the Cloud Forest of Honduras

First published by CocoEco here.

Volunteers can live and work within the breath-taking Cloud Forest national park of Honduras, aiding the conservation organisation, Operation Wallacea, to document the flora and fauna health of the Central American rainforest. 316 more words

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Cecil the Lion: a symbol for his species

On July 1st, Cecil, Zimbabwe’s iconic and magnificent adult male African lion, was brutally shot and murdered in the name of sport.

In a story that has shocked and saddened the world, it has come to light that Africa’s most favourite lion was lured out from his protected home turf and fatally wounded from the shot of an arrow. 463 more words

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Kissing Across Cultures

Pucker up as we span the globe in pursuit of everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite social gesture—the kiss.

Snogging, smooching, necking—whatever you call it, it seems just about everyone’s doing it. 162 more words


Punks on Hope

Yangon calling! In Burma, the punk scene isn’t just an affectation for disaffected youth, it’s a rallying cry that has helped to provoke sweeping reforms that are changing the political landscape. 158 more words


TV Show Review: Jane the Virgin

We root for anti-heroes these days; the ones who sink to moral depravity to survive, such as the Cersei Lannisters and Walter Whites of the world. 574 more words