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I collide with Michael’s boundaries.

His boundaries edge long wide fields stretching
As far as the horizons- the are beautiful like ancient stone walls  fashioned during long years of habit and solitude. 98 more words


Naples, Italy: a towering view, and a night of art in a royal palace

Some evenings unwrap like the best parcels – one surprise at a time.  This is one of those evenings.

We’re part of another Curiosity Tour of Naples.   1,331 more words


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Last June we had an eccentric, wonderful evening trip up the 'red tower' in Naples, Italy, followed by a night visit to the art gallery at Capodimonte. I wrote about it then but here's a repaint ... better, I hope.

If I Saw Aidan Turner Walking Down the Street...

I would not stop to contemplate the earth beneath,

nor for a second consider that I
was already in junior high when he was born, 284 more words


My stories, then and now

Welcome to Keash’s Life Stories, which I am trying to make easily accessible to anyone who wants to read them, either for posterity or curiosity’s sake. 54 more words


Naples, Italy: a visit to Rione Sanità - skulls, scars, Totò and a grand palazzo

The possibility of progress brings pride and hope, but it takes courage to guard the flame.

No-one needs to tell this to Sanità.  The district, 1,741 more words


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I visited Sanità in Naples, Italy last summer. Our guide was young and local, and the morning she gave us felt personal ... as though, thanks to her, the city had allowed us a little closer to its secrets. It was an excellent tour.

San Gennaro and the saints process through Naples, Italy

In Naples the less usual is everywhere.

A few weeks ago it was San Gennaro, his blood, and a selection of saints, who added the extraordinary as they were carried shoulder high in procession through the city’s streets from the cathedral to the church of Santa Chiara. 895 more words


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My Africa interlude is finished for now. This piece was written in May 2016, a few days after I'd followed the annual procession of saints through the old streets of Naples, Italy. It was an unforgettable day.


Some things leave no room for misunderstanding,
like your climbs to the tops of towering pines,
and your belief that you can never cry.

At age five, you dream of a woman… 922 more words