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I See Your Value Now: Asperger's and the Art of Allegory

(This essay was originally published March 25, 2014. The version below includes several minor corrections and updates.)

I’m in my therapist’s office, talking about friendship. 3,510 more words


Interview with Dr Karin Oien

First published on the ECMC Network website, here.

CM-Path is a cellular and molecular pathology initiative developed by the ECMC’s Cellular Molecular Pathology ( 347 more words

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Ohio Teacher to Get the Death Penalty Over Duct Tape Flap?

The following post appeared in 2013 on another blog written by Molly Joss. The post proved to be very popular.

You have probably read about the teacher who posted a photo online of some of her students with duct tape on their mouths and a caption something along the lines of, “Now I know how to keep them quiet!” She says the students were just messing around and so was she. 154 more words

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I was searching for Malaya

There was a certain kind of Malaya that I was looking for when I arrived in 21st century Malaysia. The kind that Bernice Chauly wrote about in her book,  113 more words

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Under the Stairs

Stale perfume hangs in the air. An unseen individual traveling on her own path had sent it in overlapping currents, commingling with the nitrogen and oxygen I inhale.  2,246 more words

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“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.’ A.A Milne. 1,187 more words

New trial to test cancer-killing vaccine

First published on the ECMC Network website here.

A young British patient with advanced cervical cancer has become the first to receive a cancer-killing vaccine. 238 more words

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