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Kissing Across Cultures

Pucker up as we span the globe in pursuit of everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite social gesture—the kiss.

Snogging, smooching, necking—whatever you call it, it seems just about everyone’s doing it. 162 more words


Punks on Hope

Yangon calling! In Burma, the punk scene isn’t just an affectation for disaffected youth, it’s a rallying cry that has helped to provoke sweeping reforms that are changing the political landscape. 158 more words


TV Show Review: Jane the Virgin

We root for anti-heroes these days; the ones who sink to moral depravity to survive, such as the Cersei Lannisters and Walter Whites of the world. 574 more words


Book Review: I Am Pilgrim

Author Terry Hayes must have had a film adaptation in mind when he wrote I am Pilgrim. Despite this being his first novel — he has previously written screenplays of several action films which comes through in the way I am Pilgrim is constructed — it’s outlandish, has a conspiracy theory-fused plot, spans over a great deal of geographic locations and has a great American hero who saves the day. 432 more words


The Evolution of Children's Literature

Last month it was announced that the beloved children’s author Enid Blyton’s series The Faraway Tree was getting its own film adaptation. The news came after a Famous Five film adaptation was announced in the summer, perhaps signally a revitalisation of Blyton’s vast and much-loved canon of children’s fiction. 403 more words


Trouble ahead for Africa's gentle giants

First published in Coco Eco here.

When we conjure an image of an iconic African sunset, we picture the silhouette of long-necked gentle giants slowly sauntering along their open savanna, reaching up at the trees to pluck the last remaining succulents. 254 more words
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