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Film Review: A Death in the Gunj

Published in Newsline in November 2017

Halfway through Death in the Gunj, after a game of kabbadi between two of the male characters takes a violent turn, a character casually describes the incident by using the oft-used phrase ‘boys will be boys’ – a phrase that has become almost insidious in its stated nonchalance, a phrase that promotes a very narrow and harmful concept of acceptable masculine behaviour. 739 more words


Anatomy of a Fustercluck

It’s thanks to crime scenes like this
that I sometimes dread people,
particularly the way they flock to orange pylons,
fluster in clumps like maimed birds, 229 more words


Knowledge Workers

Published in Dawn, November 9th, 2017

BE it science and technology, art and literature, philosophy and history, politics and international affairs, it is the translators who are opening the doors and windows to the world for us. 695 more words


Inner Space

For an up-and-coming advertising agency called The Keenfolks, following the rules is not necessarily top of mind. Creativity – read: less polish, no budget – is more important, as is experimentation, and letting ideas fall where they may. 328 more words

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Meeting Saba.

Was a dream. Genuinely, quite like a dream. My memories from childhood are hazy at best, but I do vividly remember sitting in front of the TV set totally mesmerised by a handsome Brit chasing across the African savannah in search of fantastic beasts. 354 more words

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To The Guy Who Broke My Heart: This One Is For You

You hurt my feelings so badly I never thought I’d make it. Your words cut me so deep. You may have thought you broke me and hurt me to no end, but I made it through. 702 more words

To The Broken Girl: Im Sorry

I thought he was the one who kept my head above water when I was sinking. But now I realize the only reason I was sinking at all was because he was pushing me down. 491 more words