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Glasgow International/Variant Magazine drawing.

I was looking through stuff on the computer and rediscovered this drawing from 2008. It was commissioned by Glasgow International to appear as an artists page in… 74 more words

In The Pub

How to Take an Amazing Photo of a Solar Eclipse

get knocked up,
plan a wedding in three months
and waddle down the aisle in white pumps
that fit you when you bought them.  671 more words


The Syllabus of Life

Learning to focus in a world of preconceived ideas

We all have an image in mind.

That image may be how we want to appear to others, how we look physically, how well we perform, or what we see as the perfect life for ourselves. 473 more words


Growing Up Pretty

“Make a good first impression, you only get one shot,” we were always told. But what if that impression were already made within the first few seconds before you get a chance to speak? 619 more words


Social Media is Diluting the Norms of "Pretty"

We’re bombarded with images on TV and in advertisements of the ideal woman-thin.

She gazed into the mirror with disdain strewn across her face and said “I’m going to get skinny and then with my personality… I’ll be unstoppable.” 521 more words


Rock Fiction Coveting: Crash and Burn by Amanda Adams

First in a series alert!

This is actually a new edition that was previously published. I don’t know if it was revised since the old publisher gave up the rights (and we won’t lay bets about why. 251 more words

Rock Fiction Coveting