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Three-Day Weekend

I realized that I have a previously published poem (TAP, Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011?) that also fits the Poetry 101 Rehab “Getaway” prompt. I hope that you enjoy it!

Link: Three-Day Weekend.


The World of Secret Affinities: Remembering Isaac Babel and Walter Benjamin

A version of this essay was previously published in August 2003 in The Brooklyn Rail

1940 was a terrible year for freethinking intellectuals. As Stalin and Hitler’s pincers tightened, a bullet and a morphine overdose saw off two of the twentieth century’s most fertile and imaginative brains: Isaac Babel and Walter Benjamin. 3,526 more words

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James Joyce's Lifewand

A version of this article was previously published in December 2013 at the antipode foundation

By Andy Merrifield

“He lifts the lifewand and the dumb speak” – James Joyce… 1,885 more words

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The Shadow Citizenry

Previously Published in June 2015 at Open Democracy

by Andy Merrifield

It’s exciting to see one of Henri Lefebvre’s last essays, “Quand la ville se perd dans une metamorphose planétaire” (1989), finally make it into English, in a recent edition of the Environment and Planning D: Society and Space journal, entering Anglophone discussion and debate for the first time.[*] One could doubtless quibble with the idea of se perdre becoming “dissolving”—instead of the more prosaic, less dramatic “to get lost,” “to go astray,” or “to lose its way”; but the vital thing is that Lefebvre’s sense and sensibility remains intact throughout “Dissolving City, Planetary Metamorphosis,” and for that Neil Brenner and his crew should be commended. 4,171 more words

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Future Shock

Previously published in March 2015 at antipode foundation.org

by Andy Merrifield

Speculating on the future, especially on the political future—and especially especially on a Left political future—is something you get slammed for these days; “they” tell you you’re writing fiction, particularly if your future threatens the status quo. 3,185 more words

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Unbound: An Interesting Case for Aspiring Authors

The Independent Publishing Magazine’s Review of Unbound raises a very important question of authorship within Unbound’s platform. The magazine calls it an “internal self-serving eco-system”, because “authors attracting readers to Unbound, rather than Unbound attracting readers as a publisher.” Authors, which initially appeared to be Unbound’s strength, are surfacing as their greatest weakness. 379 more words


Encountering Paratheatrical Space

Previously published in October 2013 by AntipodeFoundation.org

Enter a strange room, any room you’ve never entered before. It feels empty somehow, no matter how big or small this room is, no matter how many people fill it. 5,354 more words

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