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Recording of "Anatomy of a Fustercluck"


“Anatomy of a Fustercluck” appears in my new chapbook, This Being Done, and was the “editor’s choice” winner of Rattle magazine’s January 2016 Ekphrastic Challenge. 180 more words


Loved this enemies to lovers short from Roan Parrish

Natural Enemies by Roan Parrish

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had a sneaky ARC of this one but wasn’t allowed to mention it until Roan officially announced the release so here’s my review now it’s out! 207 more words


Retro Review Tour: Out of Focus by L.A. Witt

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Length: 100,000 words



For the last twelve years, Ryan “Angel” Morgan and Dante James have been partners in every sense of the word. 1,729 more words

Release Publicity Blitz



I am a pink rose petal’s pale glow

black ash tamped in furrows
between the breaths of the living
& the droning of the dead… 194 more words


A Guide to the Many Flags Visible in Barcelona These Days

Barcelona is currently festooned with flags hanging from apartment balconies. It’s been this way especially since 2010, when the Spanish Constitutional Court in Madrid, responding to a legal challenge presented by the then recently elected Popular Party of Spain, overturned several articles of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, including a particularly contentious one that made reference to Catalonia as a “nation.” This statute had previously been passed by the legislature of Catalonia and the parliament of Spain, and ratified in a referendum by the Catalan electorate, so its modification by the Spanish Constitutional Court was insulting for many Catalans, triggering the resurgence of a relatively dormant independence movement. 509 more words

Previously Published

Prayers for the Wondering

Previously published October 1, 2015 on my now defunct blog The Thing to do with Hearts

Before me is a hundred options to be and to try–at lease it feels like that was true a decade ago; 99 more words


Undesirable- previously published

Undesirable. Loathsome. Unwanted.

Its not always just about not feeling sexy or attractive to the opposite sex, or whichever sex you are attractive/attracted to. Sometimes, it can be about feeling unwanted even as a friend, or unwanted as anything. 639 more words