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Nomad Previs and Maybe More?

Near the conclusion of my Storyboarding class we were left with a more open-ended assignment and encouraged to think more about bigger, thesis-like projects. This was the first time I had given serious thought to the content of my graduate film. 250 more words


Research: Tips and Tricks

In this blog post, I have decided to put the videos which helped me achieve something in Maya such as a roof cloth that appears to be slightly weighed down because of no wood beam support to animating the camera in different angles and doing cut scenes. 42 more words


Visual Research 2: Game

In this post, its basically all the games I looked at to look for guidance as to how a medieval game would look like and the positioning of the objects inside the game.


Previs: Complete Scene Screen grabs

These are screen grabs I have collected with and without textures just like a before and after for some of the objects in the scene.


Previs: Textures

In this blog post, these are pretty much the textures I have used and most of them I have created myself. with the exception of the roof and dirt. 42 more words


Previs: Trial Setting

These are my screen grabs for a trial scene I created on Maya to figure out what I want to do just by using simple block shapes to convey my ideas of what I want to appear in the previs.