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The video below was all done in camera. While there might have been some post work done here, the important thing to think about is, the animation was all done in camera. 92 more words


Angelic (2015)

Angelic (2015)

Angelic is a daring new blend of styles – a dramatic comedy, with memorable characters, nefarious villains, emotionally engaging storylines, and cinematic climactic moments. 1,523 more words

Production Design

Storyboard for Pre-viz exercise: Conspiracies and Kidnappings

Did some storyboard art recently for a previz exercise for a friend over at MPC. Stil Williams just needed a bit of help visualising a sequence so hooked him up with some boards. 66 more words

Story Art / Concept Art

The Droste Effect - Honda CRV

To introduce the new Honda CRV director Chris Palmer and Glassworks Creative Director Jordi Bares worked to create the first endless commercial playing off of an optical illusion called the “Droste Effect” which creates an endless visual loop. 112 more words



Before starting into blocking out the different parts of our ice environment we decided to do a little research into designing for games and their environments. 378 more words


Story board to 3D PreVis

We created our own 30 second story.  Here is our process.

Story concept: 299 more words

1st Year 2014