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I need to put myself in to a mood of sickly morbid eroticism again! Of despair!

I need to put myself in to a mood of sickly morbid eroticism again! Of despair! Desperate sexual hunger that comes with black psychological despair and morbid sickly eroticism. 345 more words

Is priapism exclusive?

When food allergies, amoebiasis, hypertension, infertility and heart diseases most causes tension in everyone’s life, priapism should not be exclusive.

Priapism is a painful persistent erection lasting more than four hours with penis not going back to its fax position. 372 more words


Vile|Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.

The words “arousal” and “orgasm” are universally associated with sexual pleasure. But what if scratching only exacerbated that itch so much that it became a burdensome ache often compounded by burning, throbbing, and swelling? 421 more words


Grand Rounds: July 23, 2015

It was a short but sweet grand rounds last week, with a great mix of topics.

Dr. Ilene Claudius tackled the question “are neonates just small infants?” and gives us some insight into the mysterious ALTE: 39 more words


Detachment versus Passion! Literary Priapism!

Publishing, and attempting to sell, books that we have conceived in a literary orgasm of passion can be incredibly frustrating, difficult, hard work and disillusioning. I have charted the ups and downs in close (many would say ‘merciless’ or even ‘tiresome’!) detail – and have come to certain conclusions as a result. 716 more words


The fascinating thing about my Vienna discovery

The fascinating thing about my Vienna discovery that it is better to stay drinking in my room and watching pornography right up until the moment I run out bursting for WOMAN, rather than having a couple of beers in my room and then going down and stupefying in the bar for a few hours till I have lost the will to live let alone f—k, is that it enabled me to actually see the effect of drink on my Priapism. 261 more words

My Experience with Priapism

Hi, there!

Today, you will be reading about the medical condition called Priapism. And two warriors will be telling their experiences with it.

This is really personal, sensitive and hard to share, but they do their best to share. 1,477 more words

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