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Former StarKist Tuna Executive Pleads Guilty To Price-Fixing

Of all the industries to be rocked by scandal, you probably never expected that Big Tuna would be a hotbed of conspiracy. And yet, another fishy exec has agreed to plead guilty to his part in a price-fixing scheme that resulted in American shoppers paying more at the store. 205 more words

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How the Cost of Cancer Drugs in South Africa can be Cut

South Africa’s Competition Commission has launched an investigation into excessive pricing by three major pharmaceutical companies that have the sole rights to distribute cancer drugs in the country. 907 more words


Collusion Probe into Cancer Medications

As if Cancer patients do not have a difficult enough time fighting this destructive disease, Pharmaceutical Companies in South Africa are now being investigated for excessive pricing of cancer medication. 718 more words


The True Face Of ‘Health Reform’ by Karl Denninger

The big problem with medicine is its cost, and a big part of its costs stem from the fact that medicine has become a government-cosseted cartel and racket, engaging in price fixing and exclusion of competition. 361 more words


Bumble Bee Agrees To Plead Guilty To Tuna Fish Price-Fixing, Pay $25 Million Fine

Bumble Bee Foods, one of the nation’s largest producers of canned tuna, has agreed to plead guilty to federal criminal charges that it conspired with competing companies to fix the price of this common pantry seafood item. 220 more words

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Bumble Bee tuna pleads guilty to heaping helping of price-fix

A major brand of canned tuna has been caught fixing prices that cost consumers more at the store.

Bumble Bee Foods LLC has agreed to pay… 312 more words


Price Fixing and the Law of Unintended Consequences

One of the beliefs that governments and regulators have is that they can control prices. All that is needed is a government decree fixing the price of a particular product and everything will fall into place. 673 more words

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