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The National -- Bread Collusion in Canada

Over the past 15 years bakers in Canada have been colluding to raise the price of bread across many of Canada’s major retailers. The retailers (allegedly) agreed to the price increase so long as the others in the group also maintained the high prices. 21 more words

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7 Canadian companies committed indictable offences in bread-price fixing scandal: Competition Bureau

Senior officials at Canada’s two largest bread markers, Canada Bread and Weston Bakeries, agreed to increase their wholesale bread prices in lockstep over a 14-year period, according to newly released court documents. 736 more words


Canada's big six banks accused of rate-rigging in U.S. lawsuit

Nine large banks, including six from Canada, have been accused in a lawsuit of conspiring to rig a Canadian rate benchmark to improve profits from derivatives trading. 463 more words




Earlier today I visited the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. When I decided to have a cup of tea, I discovered just how much a con the price of tea is in the museum’s cafe. 203 more words

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Tony Accurso: An Example of White Collar Crime in Canada

Tony Accurso was facing four criminal charges connected to the price fixing and rigged contracts in the city of Mascouche, Quebec. He was facing fraud, fraud against the government, conspiracy and breach of trust by a public official. 56 more words

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Bread price-fixing

George Weston Ltd. and Loblaw corporation have admitted to participating in fixing the price of bread from 2002 and 2015. Under the Competitions Act, price-fixing carries potential fines up to $25 million and imprisonment up to 14 years, however, no charges have been laid in this case. 7 more words

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Cost Control

Congressional conservatives are now looking to cut medicare and medicaid spending. Technically, this would be an offset to the tax-cut program benefiting mostly rich people. 199 more words

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