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Indonesian agency probes Astra Honda, three others on possible price-fixing

Indonesia’s anti-cartel agency is investigating Astra Honda Motor and three other car and motorbike companies for possible price-fixing in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, the agency and an Astra Honda official said on Thursday. 287 more words


Anti-Monopoly Body Investigates Car, Motorcycle Price Fixing

Indonesia’s anti-monopoly body is investigating allegations involving four of the country’s car and motorcycle producers who are said to be working in a cartel-like scheme to control prices and distribution. 297 more words


"A Sense Of Disgust With Airlines": Enough With The Crazy Change Fees

In 2014, airlines in the United States billed more than three billion dollars in “change fees”—fees charged to customers who cancelled or changed itineraries. This bounty came after most of the industry (minus Southwest) tacitly agreed to create a new industry standard of two hundred dollars per change, plus, in some cases, an additional fifty-dollar service fee for tickets booked on non-airline Web sites. 932 more words


Riddle me this, Gasman

On Friday, I had to drive from Montpelier to Burlington. And, since gas is always more expensive in the Queen City and environs, I made sure to fill the tank before I hit the freeway. 286 more words

Contact lens makers claim Utah's new anti-price fixing law benefits one company

SALT LAKE CITY — In new filings before a federal appeals court, two contact lens manufacturers argue that the state’s new law prohibiting them from price-fixing benefits one company. 309 more words


Airlines under investigation for 'possible unlawful coordination' to keep ticket prices high

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has sent subpoenas to several major airlines as part of an investigation into “possible unlawful coordination” to limit capacity increases, and thereby keeping ticket prices high, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday. 273 more words

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E-Book Pricing - Apple, Amazon, the Courts, and You

 July 1, 2015 New Post Goes Up Every Wednesday

E-Book publishers have not developed any new technology, in a long, long time, “E- BOOKS – IS THE E-BOOK DEAD, OR JUST ASLEEP?” 677 more words

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