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Redwood Holdings - 2nd-hand shop

Back-up plans are a good thing. Plan B. Plan C. All flexible.

Partly as a foundation for getting work and residence permits that would be independent of Basil Read if the time of parting ever came, and partly for tying down long term property acquirement, I bought a shelf company, … 562 more words

Shaping A Writer

The postal management mutt who killed two people

When you read about customer service catastrophes in the Postal Service, there’s a common theme.

Customers find mail loose in the lobby or see a mail carrier tossing mail into a dumpster, and they try to find a postal manager to alert that person to the problem. 1,234 more words

Living In The Modern Age

Causation, Part 22 (Gross)

In Gross, the Supreme Court facially relies on tort principles of “but for” cause.  However, as discussed in the last post, its use of tort law is unsatisfying in at least two respects. 634 more words


Causation, Part 18 (Gross)

In Gross, the Supreme Court made an unnecessary guess about what Congress intended when it amended Title VII in 1991, but did not make similar amendments to the ADEA. 393 more words


Causation, Part 16 (Gross)

In this post, I explore how the Gross decision mischaracterized the 1991 amendments to Title VII and their effect on the ADEA.

As we discussed in the last post, Congress’ reaction to… 476 more words


Causation Part 15 (Gross)

Gross is one of the worst reasoned cases in employment discrimination jurisprudence. I want to be careful in explaining what I mean by this. I do not mean that there are not ways to reason to the Court’s ultimate holding in the case. 860 more words