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General view on interesting markets

Still no trades, I can’t believe it but the Dukascopy bridge to MT4 is STILL NOT SETUP, you can only laugh otherwise you might cry.  How long does this take?   814 more words


Tattoo Laser Elimination Sydney

May be that tattoo on your arm is preventing you from getting a task and also you would like to have it removed. It likewise might be that you have a tattoo of your previous fan whom you have divided from just recently and you no longer need the tattoo. 1,099 more words

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney

Nexus 6 Available in Singapore from 28 February for S$998

It sure took them a while, but hey – at least it came to Singapore, something that can’t  be said for any previous Nexus smartphone. Android purists in Singapore should be rejoicing, as now they can purchase the device with warranty and without having to jump through a million hoops though the price tag might cause some to reconsider. 369 more words


อะไรนะ P/E Ratio ของตลาดจะแตะ 22 เท่าอยู่แล้ว !!

เผื่อใครยังไม่รู้ ตอนนี้ค่า P/E Ratio ของ SET Index บ้านเรา พุ่งเกิน 21 เท่า จนจะแตะ 22 เท่าอยู่รอมร่อแล้ว

แต่ … แต่ .. ไม่ใช่เป็นผลจากราคาดัชนี (Price) ที่พุ่งสูงขึ้น แถมความจริงดัชนีออกแนวทรง ๆ ทรุด ๆ ด้วยซ่้ำ 43 more words


Event ticket prices: how $20 turned out to be $75

Last weekend I ended up at a Monster Truck event. An interesting experience. No travelling for me this week. Instead I’ve spent most of my time in San Francisco. 544 more words


Rule #314: Gas station lines

I love high gas prices. There’s no line up at the pumps. I’m in and out of there in a jiff… love it!

The worst case scenario for me is when I need gas and prices just came down. 216 more words