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Carillion: bonfire of vanities … and then a mountain of public cash.

With all the Brexit brouhaha swamping the news cycle it’s easy to forget that there are other things going on in the UK. Quite a few, actually. 1,040 more words


Older Workers in CPA Firms

Just when I thought I had heard almost everything, a group of over 40 year olds are suing Price Waterhouse Coppers for not hiring older workers! 387 more words

And this concludes our episode of "The Doldrums"

Yeah, I’ve been in a funk. I don’t like it there. No fun whatsoever. I get down in the dumps about the state of the proverbial this, that, and the other…and yes, I have a lot of life to sort through. 2,010 more words

second to none

My smile stops flow of words. For #napowrimo #glopowrimo Day 21 ~ ‘Narcissus’.

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Unemployment Driven by Artificial Intelligence can be offset by a tax on profits generated by robots

Scott Cheng and David Ketchum say the Hong Kong government must reckon with the impact of artificial intelligence on human employment. One way to do this would be to amend the tax regime, by taxing profits generated from using robots… 1,151 more words

A Burnout Culture Led to Record Attrition at PwC. So It Changed Its Approach.

To call a company’s culture hardworking or tireless used to be a compliment. It was a sign of business success—a righteous triumph, even—to consistently work long hours. 365 more words


BBC Outlines Plan to Become ‘The Best Place for Women to Work’

The BBC has appointed its Scotland boss, Donalda MacKinnon, to lead a program it said aims to “sweep away any barriers to women progressing, fulfilling their ambitions and reaching the top.” 186 more words