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Pricing policy, AMPER Trade Fair #3

Everything is about money. I mean not everything, but when you are making living out of something, it is usually about money. My job is no exception, even though I am doing event management which I consider as highly satisfying because of other reasons that making money. 411 more words

Event Management

Optimising your billable hours

Head hours – do you know what your billings target is?

If you have 6 in your Account Service team, working to industry norm productivity levels, and billing at industry norms rates, then your optimum head hour billings will be around $100K per month. 109 more words


Lightroom Mobile - Paying Customers Excluded

The title of this post is a little misleading, but I chose it on purpose to vent a little steam. But first things first.

What happened ?  423 more words

Background Info

Flight Price Mania!

The airline industry is making my husband crazy, and that makes me crazy too.

He is currently working in Rochester, NY. We live in Florida. 439 more words


Don't feed the Ravenous

More and more companies enter the ever growing MAKER products market with the outlook on juicy profits flowing into their pockets.

One online shop after the other opens its virtual doors to eager DIY enthusiasts, willing to spend their hard earned money on highly specialized products that are meant to get them started. 250 more words


Try some "back to front" thinking

Most of the time, in marketing, we try to think about what motivates our customers to buy from us. Are they looking for the lowest price, the most well known brand, the most proactive approach? 483 more words

3 Ways to stop FMCG becoming SMCG

Fast moving consumer goods should, by definition, fly off the shelves. If yours are not moving as quickly as you would like there are 3 basic questions you need to ask yourself. 380 more words