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Its All in Your Head: A Brief Introduction to Psychological Pricing

Have you ever tried to sell something quickly (desperately) by lowering the price well below market value only to discover no one will bite? If so, your frustration is not unique. 638 more words

Attention Passengers: Please Pay $2 per Toilet Visit

You may think this is a joke! No, seriously airlines have considered charging you an extra fee for each of your visits to the in-flight toilets.  625 more words

Blog Topic 5: Pricing Considerations And Approaches

Overpricing is dangerous! It is probably the number one deal killer to a real estate transaction. You are hoping that someone will buy your home on an impulse.

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Advice For Sellers

Discouraged by My Industry

When I started my hypnotherapy practice back in early 2010 I was nervous, yet filled with passion. My desire to help people truly transform their lives was undeniably a motivating force and pushed me beyond the nagging fears, doubts and insecurities I had. 710 more words


Approach pricing strategy

Step 1: Investigate the company.

  • How big is it? What products does it have, and is it the market leader in this field?
  • What’s the business model (sources of revenue) of the company?
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Non Classé

Subtle Trick

We marketers scream when we want the user’s attention.  We use comically large fonts and ugly color contrasts; not because they’re beautiful, but because we know the loudest elements capture attention. 238 more words


Brand B - Pricing Strategies

For a company to determine its pricing strategy there are 4 C’s to look at; consumers, competitors, company and climate. Brand B offer products more at the luxury end of the spectrum rather than the necessity end meaning their products are more elastic. 259 more words