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How Lifetime Value (LTV) Affects Your SaaS Business

The lifetime value of your business is an important, if not the most critical metric, that your subscription based SaaS business should be monitoring. While the monthly income of your business is vital, the subscription model makes it hard to determine whether the acquisition of customers is cost effective. 647 more words

Pricing Strategy

How To Raise The Prices Of Your Products

There are always going to be times when you will need to raise the prices of your products. Yet many business owners struggle with the concept of raising prices and how they are going to communicate this to their loyal customers without making them angry. 594 more words

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How a hotel is positioned

Hotel positioning is one vital part for a hotel to compete and determine rates to develop supportive revenue management strategies. Mostly, your prices will be influenced by your competitors’ activities. 407 more words

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Using Different Pricing Strategies In Your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) SaaS Business

When it comes to attracting subscribers to your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) SaaS business, pricing is an important consideration. There are probably numerous other organisations that are out there offering similar or substitute products to your own. 685 more words

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What is the optimal price to charge for my products?

Well… to understand the optimal price, you need to first understand the client business issue and objectives. Ensure what is the attention to increase:


#AppleMusic ciblerait une période d'essai gratuite de trois mois (Numerama)

Avec la sortie de son service d’écoute de musique en streaming, Apple doit encore se demander quel est le meilleur moyen de fidéliser les auditeurs alors que le terrain est d’ores et déjà occupé par quelques poids lourds, comme… 23 more words

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