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Pricing policy: Germany - a court ruling as soon as June could set a new tone for AMNOG pricing... but is access becoming a more complex moving target for industry?

Legal questions around the “Mischpreis” pricing approach are still hanging over sickness funds and manufacturers in Germany. The current price setting methodology as part of AMNOG negotiations take average weighted prices and considers the value and price potential across all indications and patient subgroups (‘mixed-price’). 779 more words

Marketing Plan Series (Part 2 of 7): The Pricing Strategy

The second element of the marketing mix is pricing.  We stated last week the marketing objectives for the proposed business.  We will discuss in this article the pricing strategy that can contribute to attaining those objectives. 993 more words


Marketing Strategy

We are developing your unique research based marketing strategy with precise target customer profiling and effective combinations of channel/strategy and tactic to develop your business the most effective way. 52 more words


Market Research

We have a group of professionals from 4 continents to conduct market, industry and competition research for your business needs.

Market/industry/competition research is the only complete source of information for effective marketing/pricing/business strategy and business model development. 28 more words


Save $$ shopping for Foreclosures?

You are looking for a foreclosure because you want to save money, but when you look online, there’s one or two outdated or scary looking listings. 582 more words


Lower prices of Airbus A380s could potentially trigger increased purchases: AIG Group’s Chief Willie Walsh

A more aggressive pricing strategy for the super jumbo jet is likely to boost sales.

IAG’s CEO disclosed the airliner would consider purchasing more A380 jets if Airbus were to lower their prices. 124 more words


How to Work Less, While Earning More

To work less, and earn more. That’s something we all dream about.

But how many of us can actually claim that as our reality?

Regardless of what you sell – whether you’re a freelancer like me, a startup, or a business that’s been in the game for a while now – if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, even though you’re working 60 hours a week, this article is for you. 914 more words