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Harga Sebuah Brand

Saya tadi kebetulan ditanya tentang HARGA SEBUAH BRAND. Menurut satu orang, harga produk itu (parfum) murah. Yang satu lagi menganggap, harga parfum itu mahal. Tetapi, dua-duanya mau beli. 358 more words


Here's Why The Music Industry Needs To Dump Non-Discretionary Pricing

Spotify’s 2015 UK accounts painted a vibrant picture with both profits and above average Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). However, a little caution is required before assuming all the answers to the streaming market’s woes can be found here. 355 more words


Marketing Strategy Overview

All successful products or brands need well-planned marketing strategies in place to ensure that they satisfy the goals set by the corresponding business unit or geographic level and, in turn, the overall corporate marketing strategy. 852 more words

“Show me the value!” - B2B China marketing strategy and pricing

Western B2B sales people’s arguments of “time saving” and “produce more between downtime” often fall flat with Chinese customers, as they try to sell them quality over quantity. 236 more words

Marketing Strategy.

Begin at the Beginning: A Well-founded Marketing Strategy

A well-planned, comprehensive marketing strategy for a product or brand is essential to its success. The marketing strategy determines the specific resource allocation and activities involved with all other aspects of marketing. 686 more words

How To Select Your best Binary Signals Provider

Before placing a trade, a trader wants to be cautious throughout selecting the very best binary option-trading platform. However it doesn’t seem possible regarding anyone for you to proceed through your website of every and every application and then pin upon one. 1,139 more words