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How To Select Your best Binary Signals Provider

Before placing a trade, a trader wants to be cautious throughout selecting the very best binary option-trading platform. However it doesn’t seem possible regarding anyone for you to proceed through your website of every and every application and then pin upon one. 1,139 more words

Jet.com takes off with revolutionary pricing strategy

In an attempt to compete in the online market space against the likes of Amazon, Wal-Mart surprised competitors and market analysts alike with the largest ever deal… 1,288 more words

Price Gouging = Capitalism?

If it takes three incidents to confirm a trend, the pharmaceutical industry is most certainly immersed in a trend.

And what is that trend? MyLan CEO Heather Bresch would call it capitalism. 484 more words

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategies for Startups

Andreesen Horowitz recently covered pricing strategies for startups in two podcasts.

Part 1 (above) with Mark Cranney, Martin Casado and Scott Kupor

How should startups go about raising prices — or more specifically, creating… 60 more words


Memandang Kenaikan Harga Epipen Mylan Dari Perspektif Etika Bisnis

Sejak pertama kali menjual produk Epipen  (auto injector obat anti alergi) pada tahun 2007, Mylan berulangkali terus menaikkan harganya dari 100 US Dollar menjadi 600 USD Dollar saat ini. 408 more words

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Its All in Your Head: A Brief Introduction to Psychological Pricing

Have you ever tried to sell something quickly (desperately) by lowering the price well below market value only to discover no one will bite? If so, your frustration is not unique. 702 more words

Pricing Strategy: Competitor Surveys, Price Sensitivity and Marketing Segmentation

In all business models, part of the recipe for success is being competitive on price. As an every day consumer, this concept should be fairly obvious — if two competitors are selling a given product with the same… 1,027 more words