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The High-Dudgeon Olympics


                                 Fifth Annual High-Dudgeon Olympics



1) Someone-Said-Something-Wrong-On-The-Internet Typathon. (Individual and team events.)

Individuals are logged onto a Facebook account with a continuous feed of blog entries, each followed by a comment thread. 449 more words

Random Encounter One - Pity Please

A National public holiday is the perfect time to have a few sips of your favour poison and dance your way around the hippest bar in the city.  587 more words


A Prickly Subject

The moody and volcanic landscape of Lanzarote is unexpectedly striking. Andy and I stayed in an apartment outside of Playa Blanca and enjoyed observing the plethora of cacti thriving on the island. 126 more words


The silver green of agarita is a familiar sight in our landscape. This is the winter foliage after a light rain, with droplets collecting in the curves of the leaves. 224 more words


Prickly Sleeper

I’m taking a nap with no worries. Everyone has learned that it’s best to leave me alone when I’m sleeping. Not paying attention to my warning could teach them what it’s like to deal with a prickly sleeper.

Nature Photography

A cactus’ flower is soft,

Gentle to the touch.

Not prickly like its sharp thorns.

The humble cactus,

Usually has no flowers.

So be not prickly.