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Guest Character: Prickles

I think most people can relate to this one, especially if the person saying it uses a tone of surprise…


• porcupine •

• porcupine •
I slowed for a porcupine this morning. It seemed in no itching hurry to get off of the road. Languidly, it began to saunter off. 343 more words


Irritability - The Science Behind the Emotion, The Faith Behind the Science

We all have times where we are out of sorts. More often than not we will blame our frustrations and annoyances on situations and people who are in our path. 1,153 more words

Practical Daily Life Matters

New idea... Cyber-pet Weekly!

Hi guys!

So I think I’m going to try this new thing, where every week, I have a new cyber-pet for you to see! I’m going to use this website called… 184 more words


Guest Character: Prickles

I tend to be most sensitive about issues I have with myself…especially my weight. This means I can take the most ridiculous things personally- just like prickles. 20 more words


Humans in Need of Space

You’ve heard of DINAS dogs (dogs who should not be crowded and are usually identified by yellow ribbon, yellow bandanas or in the case of my little guy, a bright orange lead with NO DOGS emblazoned on it) – well now there is a T-Shirt for the Introverts amongst us (Me, obviously) who would like people to move out of their personal space.  50 more words

Funny Shirt