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What does it mean to be Exalted?

Scriptures tell us that “All kingdoms have a law given;” (D&C 88:36).  There are laws that govern telestial, terrestial, and celestial kingdoms, and in order to progress, we need to master the laws of the kingdom we are in. 707 more words

Arden Compton

Thing Called Love

“There was a time, there was a place
But there was fear inside
A witty line to save my face
A parachute of pride

To cross the line takes a tiny step… 123 more words


Sermon 100 – Satan gives men GIFTS

I was counselling 3 young men who each said they wanted to follow Christ but they couldn’t seem to get there. I asked them what the barrier was. 1,570 more words


I've changed my mind

I used to think that the latter-day saints could self-correct and bring the current church practices back into conformity to the revelations of Joseph, and to that end I advocated, among other things, the use of the law of common consent to put a stop to practices that went contrary to the scriptures.  2,425 more words

Joseph Smith

Will you work for the King?

Imagine a person living in a place with a kind, loving, prosperous King. This person works hard to provide housing and food for his family. 426 more words

Arden Compton

When emotions become our decisions

In a world full of pressure and coercion to the decisions we make, it is truly important to have values as a basis before settling on. 537 more words


Sermon 97 – I don’t want to be a NOBODY

I was talking with a young Christian man about his feelings when all of a sudden he spurted out of his mouth … “I’m sick of being treated like a 3 year old; I want to be a somebody”. 1,396 more words