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Golden Rec - Pride Review [I Get Up and Nothing Gets Me Down]

Pride follows the story of Haru (Halu) Satonaka, captain and star player of Blue Scorpions Hockey Team, as he tries to cope with the sport’s demands, friendship, love and his crave for lollipops. 598 more words


Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.3 : Satonaka Halu + Murase Aki | Pride

(I was born to love you, with every single beat of my heart.)

First of all, shame on you Kwon and Hakakimi for not having made an entry about Kimutaku yet!? 513 more words


Remember Them!

So I am a little cynical around this time of year because Remembrance day is the time of the year that most of the country think, hey I will wear a poppy and show my support and the rest of the year they do not care. 217 more words

Armed Forces


What comes to mind when you hear TITANIC? A very large ship? The movie itself? The romance? The sinking of the ship? Well, read on. Just before the Titanic sailed off on its maiden voyage the builders made a boast which newspapers headlines carried and it read, “THIS SHIP IS UNSINKABLE, EVEN GOD HIMSELF CAN’T SINK IT!”. 365 more words



There is a cure for pride which is a Christlike spirit of humility. Humility is actually the dominant thinking pattern of the mind of Christ Phil. 489 more words



Let this be a warning; this post is going to be all about me and how proud I am of myself. This is a big ol pat on the back for me. 1,413 more words



1 Peter 5:5 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and BE CLOTHED WITH HUMILITY: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. 431 more words