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The Next Opportunity

13 When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came.  — Luke 4:13 NLT

Luke 4:1-13 NLT

Jesus was tempted for 40 days by satan. 278 more words

To My Father

A letter to my father on Veterans Day:
Thank you for having served this country. What you did was honorable and noble. However, the battle of good versus evil is not over. 147 more words


Speaking Out

The day after the election, I was numb, silent, and depressed. Today is a new day, and I am so angry that I can barely stop myself from shaking. 236 more words


Happy National Coming Out Day

Here’s a quick note from me on the celebratory nature of this day.

You may have noticed me posting several gay-themed things here and there lately. 138 more words


Lez do something about it

Lesbian spaces are disappearing. AfterEllen.com has shut down, for all intents and purposes, and suddenly “sad” is not adequate to describe the way lesbian community feels. 310 more words


Gay Pride - Why It Matters

By Julia Ranallo

 I can admit I don’t truly understand the importance of pride to LGBTQ+ people because I am heterosexual. But pride matters to me because I can empathize with the adversity LGBTQ+ members endure, and frankly I don’t see a problem with celebrating love. 1,356 more words


Sermon 105 - Demons love a Sugar Fix

Humans love sugar … chocolate, ice cream, coca cola, cakes, biscuits etc.

Sugar makes you feel good.

The problem is that when you eat too much sugar, the sugar is converted by your liver into fats. 1,468 more words