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Thoughts on Nuns and Sisters and Perpetual Indulgence by Marie Cartier

The word “nun” can conjure images from traditional to irreverent in terms of gender. The gender of those who call themselves nuns can range from feminine to masculine, from a woman who looks like a woman dressed as a woman, a contemporary sister or “nun,” who does not wear the traditional black habit, but contemporary female clothing and perhaps a short veil or “wimple” and a cross around her neck; to a man dressed as nun in extremely sexual female garb, a “drag queen” nun; to the traditionally dressed nun, whose habit is a full-length black gown, and full veil covering everything but her face and hands, who means to conceal gender and become something else – a “nun.” 963 more words


Some of Life's Smartest People Have Made THE Dumbest Choice

Throughout the ages very gifted and very intelligent people have openly expressed their

unbelief in the God of the bible, so I have wondered why this is the case. 381 more words


Embroiled in Scandal

If you have been in Christian circles long enough, you have undoubtedly been exposed to a church that is embroiled in scandal, hurt, and poor decisions. 415 more words


We are only as good as the person who writes our speech

Richard Daly, the tough guy mayor of Chicago during the Vietnam War, was a hard man to work for. When one of his speech writers asked for a raise Daly refused and told him he should feel privileged to be working for a great American hero. 105 more words

Life's Journey

The Cost of Pride: A poem

Another poem prompted by music i was listening to, but this time i don’t know what song it was that did it. All i remember was hearing the word ‘pride’, and suddenly i had an idea to run with. 181 more words

Post the Fortieth: Which Concerns Current Events

Gentle Reader, the Supreme court of the United States is currently contemplating a matter that many would consider the culmination of the Stonewall Riots. Personally, I disagree – I’m an orthodox Radical Queer* – but Marriage Equality may very soon be the law of the land. 664 more words


Paradox of work vs gifts

There is a paradox in that we are nothing and yet we are everything to God. I am saved by grace, not by works, but I am supposed to work. 151 more words

Arden Compton