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Is It Magic

Is it magic

When I summon your likeness

When It kisses me hard and puts its hands in my hair

When it tells me how sorry you are… 186 more words


Business and Religion

Life gets in the way. Especially work life. It seems at times my job is all consuming. With all the requirements and expectations to be there early and stay late, little energy can be spared for other endeavors. 314 more words


Proving myself before advertising myself

I was taught the importance of proving myself before advertising myself. However, the current emphasis on self confidence seems to have had the opposite effect. A recent survey discovered that seventy percent of students rated themselves as above average leaders and only two percent as below average. 89 more words

Life's Journey

The advantages of being cut down to size

The story goes that the University of Tennessee’s football coach bought a bolt of cloth and took it to his tailor in Knoxville, who measured it, looked at him and said, “I’m sorry, coach, there just isn’t enough material here to make a suit for you.” Some weeks later he was in another state, whose team was the sworn rival of the University of Tennessee. 90 more words


Cruel To His Own Heart

“You teach me now how cruel, you’ve been—cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart? I have not one word of comfort. 277 more words


Great And Nothing

The feel of greatness 

keeps me awestruck

the thought of nothingness

relates to a  daring pluck

both awakens us to a reality

greatness is abstract… 59 more words