Watch This Devastating Knockout Compilation From UFC's Mark Hunt

UFC Fight Night 65 is coming up on Saturday, and the main event features Stipe Miocic taking on local hero, Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt. To get you ready for that fight, please check out this compilation of all the times Hunt has melted an opponent’s face with one of his devastating punches or knees. 27 more words


This New Compilation Proves You Should Never Taunt In MMA

The latest video from TheMontageKing is a great example of the old adage in combat sports, “KEEP YOUR HANDS UP AT ALL TIMES.” It used to be “unless you are Anderson Silva, KEEP YOUR HANDS UP AT ALL TIMES,” but Chris Weidman proved that to be a bad idea, as well. 47 more words


Getting Rocked: The Paradox of Lost Consciousness

        Anyone who has ever viewed a Mixed Martial Arts fight is most likely  familiar with this scene: Fighter A crushes Fighter B with a check left hook. 1,282 more words

Celebrate Yves Edwards' Retirement With The Thugjitsu Master's Career Highlights

Longtime veteran fighter Yves “Thugjitsu Master” Edwards announced yesterday on Facebook something that a lot of people in the MMA community had been expecting. Edwards, having essentially lost five straight, has decided to hang up the tiny gloves and retire from active competition. 707 more words


"The Godfather of Ground and Pound" Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman


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Interviewed By: Jonathan M King The Clinch Report

Video shot and edited by Bob Fisher from www.Pugilpix.com… 424 more words

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Chael Sonnen And Vitor Belfort Fought The Nevada State Athletic Commission. Who Won?

Yesterday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission convened to review several open cases. Usually, things like this don’t get much press, since it’s typically just old fighters applying for licenses, but yesterday was special. 713 more words


Thank You BJ Penn

So it’s been a few days since Edgar vs Penn III and I wanted to take some time to clear my head and express my feelings on what was BJ Penn’s last fight. 718 more words