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Indo-Americans honored as "Pride of America"

Four Indian Americans are among 38 individuals being honored for having “helped advance and enlighten our society, culture, and economy” as “Great Immigrants: Pride of America” by Carnegie Corporation of New York. 258 more words


Travel To Hawaii With The Wilmington Recreation Department

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Recreation Department just released information on its planned trip to Hawaii in May 2016.  Vacationers will fly to Honolulu, spend two nights in Waikiki, and then go on a 7-night cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ … 69 more words



For a great many people, a cruise around the beautiful series of islands that collectively constitute Hawaii seems like the stuff of dreams. And why not? 779 more words


Day 10 –Disembarkation Day – 8/8 NCL Hawaii Pride of America Cruise

Time to get off the Pride of America cruise ship. We were up, organised and out by about 9am. When we got down to leave a lot of people had already gone so there wasn’t much queuing up and it was easy enough to find our suitcases in the big warehouse where they all were. 676 more words


KLUV World Tour: Hawaii

Seven days, four islands, and two overnight stays. One amazing itinerary – which only Norwegian Cruise Lines can offer. Almost 100 hours in port, you can really capture the soul of Hawaii each and every day. 243 more words


Day 7 - Kona, The Big Island Hawai'i - A day Onboard (5/8)

Overnight we sailed from Hilo back around the top of the Big Island to Kona. The Kailua Kona Port is a tender port. The port isn’t large enough for a cruise ship to dock so we docked out to sea and they use tenders (lifeboats) to transfer people ashore. 610 more words


Day 4 - Hawaii Haleakala Crater at Sunset Tour. Day 1/2 on Maui (Day 2/8)

Trying to keep track of what day it is got quite confusing – what day of the holiday it was, what day of the cruise it was, and if you were on an island for more than one day it became day 1 or 2 of 2 on X island but day 5 of the cruise.  1,703 more words