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Day 7 - Kona, The Big Island Hawai'i - A day Onboard (5/8)

Overnight we sailed from Hilo back around the top of the Big Island to Kona. The Kailua Kona Port is a tender port. The port isn’t large enough for a cruise ship to dock so we docked out to sea and they use tenders (lifeboats) to transfer people ashore. 610 more words


Day 4 - Hawaii Haleakala Crater at Sunset Tour. Day 1/2 on Maui (Day 2/8)

Trying to keep track of what day it is got quite confusing – what day of the holiday it was, what day of the cruise it was, and if you were on an island for more than one day it became day 1 or 2 of 2 on X island but day 5 of the cruise.  1,703 more words


Day 3 - Embarkation Day on the Pride of America Cruise Ship (Day 1/8)

Today we were picked up about 10am in a Roberts Hawaii shuttle (the same as we had from the airport to the hotel). The driver was a lovely lady but had no idea how to put the seat up so I could get into the correct place in the shuttle. 1,413 more words


A Luau, The Moon&The Stars, and a Mentos Coke Experiment.

The shiped docked in Kauai today. During the day, we just hanged around on the ship. We watched a talent show. Josh was awesome, but he didn’t win. 104 more words


Norwegian Cruise Line to acquire Prestige Cruise Holdings

Updated: Norwegian Cruise Line to acquire Prestige Cruise Holdings

By Tom Stieghorst

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced it will acquire Prestige Cruise Holdings for $3.03 billion in cash, stock and assumed debt. 464 more words

Norwegian Cruise Line

41 days till I am home!

Man I have been horrible about keeping up with my blog this contract. I have 41 days till I am home, I cannot believe how quickly this contract has been flying by. 240 more words