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Carnival of Aces: Dutch History?

So, this month’s Carnival of Aces took some thought… I didn’t know if I’d have something to contribute. But one question got me thinking:

  • What unanswered questions do you have about asexual history that you would like to see addressed?
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Adventures in Ecuador - Week 4

Alright kiddos. This post is about a week late because I have had ZERO motivation to write each day. So as a disclaimer, I am warning y’all that the following post will be badly written, vague at times, jumpy, and filled with grammatical errors. 2,111 more words


Ring Ring goes the telephone...

…and it’s my dear mother who’s calling me. I’m not very close to my mother, okay I’m not close to anybody but the relationship between me and my mother could be described as “complicated”. 331 more words


She chose to be quiet.

Her thoughts were bigger than words.

She explained everything and nothing. She fought and fought.

Hers was the heart of a fighter, but her soul was gone. 6 more words

This Flag

This flag flew over the institution of slavery.

This flag warred against America and lost.

This flag is waved today by people wanting to cut off a section of America for themselves. 71 more words

National Politics

Seeing San Francisco: Surprise Pride, Wonderful Wines and More!

SMOTH — Team Smonk once again took to the skies, headed for sunny San Francisco. Where Chicago had been refined (albeit cold) and Asia had been warm (albeit chaotic) SF promised the best of both worlds — and it lived up to expectations. 872 more words


Pride vs. Humility - The Battle Over Your Mind

“Pride goes before a fall.” The all-familiar saying adapted from scripture certainly rings true right now for me. But it’s not just a choice few who struggle with pride. 1,082 more words