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"Wow honey, that looks professional"

So I did I thing, it’s a project on Adobe Slate and I have to say I am really proud of it.

I toyed with a few ideas, what did I want to share, what could I write about, what’s a good way to incorporate photos into a writing piece (and I wanted to use my own photos, not the stock from the webpage) 215 more words

Sticky Note Quote #3

“A prideful person tears others down, but a humble person builds others up.”

                                       ~Allen R. Kive

Have you ever watched someone put somebody else down, sometimes for seemingly no good reason. 402 more words


What Dental Health Taught Me About Mental Health

I am a flosser. Although flossing is one thing in life that I actually manage not to obsess about, I do genuinely enjoy the feeling of freshly flossed teeth—particularly after eating something especially chewy or stringy! 702 more words

Mental Health

A Teachable Heart | From the Women's Discipleship Network

Article by Anne Durell

Early in my walk, a good friend approached me to admonish me. A comment I had made in an offhand way had offended her. 638 more words


ties that bind

I had the honour of being a part of my school’s 25th anniversary celebration today, even though it was a really insignificant role (I was someone you’d glance over and never think about again), I really enjoyed it. 774 more words



This is probably going to be controversial but honestly I do not care. I am not gay, or lesbian but I feel the need and want to be apart of the fight.   141 more words

Pride in Marriage

Pride is a sneaky little thing and can find its way into just about any part of your life if you’re not careful. I was wondering how it is that pride can find itself into marriages so easily. 416 more words