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4th of July

The 4th of July is a very important day in the United States. It marks the day we gained independence, which is something very worth celebrating for. 71 more words


Not Proud To Be An American: Realizations I'm Comfortable With

I don’t take pride in shit I had no part in. I’m not proud of the people who walked the moon. I’m not proud of the production of Led Zeppelin III. 1,663 more words

☆ Pride Parade and Canada Day ☆

From the end of June to July 1st, there are many events including the Jazz Festival, Tastes of Asia, Pride Parade, and Canada day. Especially, the last two events are one of the biggest events in Canada. 181 more words


Why do great men of God fall away?

This is not original content of wiserthansolomon.wordpress.com. This is an excerpt from a sermon by Pastor Binyam of Baltimore, MD.

We have heard the stores. God is using someone mightily one day, and before we know it they are caught up in a scandal. 1,042 more words


Happy Fourth of July

I sit here, in my room, fan oscillating. It’s well past midnight, meaning it’s July 5th in Korea. However, in the USA, it’s the Fourth of July. 305 more words



“What I would like to see is people with knowledge to teach the small, little people how to grow up with pride. This generation is lost. 437 more words