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An Apostle Speaks . . . Hawkgrrrl Listens

In 2012, I attended a fairly small devotional (a few hundred people) in Asia in which E. Oaks was the keynote speaker. I enjoyed Jake’s Q&A… 1,752 more words


Official LDS Teachings about Priesthood (Poll - Seeking Input)

Today’s Guest Post is from Bruce Nielson.

I had a long conversation with a Mormon friend on the internet in which he said something that got me curious how members of the LDS church would answer or react to certain question or questions. 1,390 more words

Mormon Belief

Grateful for Boring Church

When I first started blogging nearly 10 years ago, I complained about how boring church was.  This prompted some to ask me why I went.   233 more words


How Did Joseph Smith treat Muslims, Chinese, and Indians?

It’s #BlackHistoryMonth and we’ve been discussing #BlackMormonHistory, but of course there are other marginalized groups, and I wanted to share a few quotes from my most recent podcast with Dr. 761 more words


Priesthood Authority in Temple

I was in the temple recently.  Following baptisms for the dead, I was getting ready to help confirm.  In my mind I was trying to review the words to confirm someone.   145 more words


Priesthood Robes for Women

If you ask a Mormon if women they hold the priesthood, they’ll probably say no.  Mormon Heretic noted a dispute in understanding temple priesthood.  In Michael Quinn’s book  58 more words