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Priesthood Authority in Temple

I was in the temple recently.  Following baptisms for the dead, I was getting ready to help confirm.  In my mind I was trying to review the words to confirm someone.   145 more words


Priesthood Robes for Women

If you ask a Mormon if women they hold the priesthood, they’ll probably say no.  Mormon Heretic noted a dispute in understanding temple priesthood.  In Michael Quinn’s book  58 more words


What's your favorite Mormon History topic?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask what is everyone’s favorite history topic and why?  Personally, I enjoy the controversial stuff, Mountain Meadows Massacre, polygamy, Haun’s Mill Massacre, etc.   122 more words


The Roots and the Branches

Gender Roles in Building the Kingdom of God – An interpretation of Jacob 5

 In the allegory of the Olive Tree in Jacob 5, Zenos explains the scattering and gathering of Israel in the context of a vineyard. 2,455 more words


(01/17/2017) Servants To The Body?

Today, reply is made on differences among roles as clergy within the body of Christ, his church upon the earth.  While it is the duty of all Christian believers to display the… 896 more words


Joseph Smith rebukes the Devil at the Morley Farm

Joseph Smith rebukes the Devil in Harvey Green and evil spirit in Harvey Whitlock

Zebedee Coltrin relates the following:

[I] first saw the Prophet Joseph at a prayer meeting at the house of Father Morley. 353 more words

Church History

Why can't women be Witnesses?

Mary Magdalene was the first mortal to see the Resurrected Jesus.  According to scholars, that one tidbit adds authenticity to the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  Women were considered unreliable witnesses.   99 more words