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No Vacation from a Vocation

Just like any other school, seminarians look forward to breaks. Whether it’s Christmas, summer vacation, or spring break, you can be sure that seminarians are ready to leave. 383 more words


Bastard priesthood



“Priests will be FAR from their ideal” – Our Lady of Good Success @ Quito, Ecuador in the 17th c. prophesying about the “tampered”* priesthood – the new ecumenical ‘Modernist’ ‘priesthood’ since 1969 – to eclipse, as it were, the true (traditional) Catholic priesthood in “the greater part of the 20th c.” “MANY will say to Me: Lord, Lord, did we not preach… cast out devils (@ the Confessional and by exorcisms)… and performed miracles (by valid Consecration) in Your Name? 216 more words

Christian Life

Father Byers' tender snowflake exam

So, there’s a secular business in ultra super liberal Connecticut called Silent Partner Marketing that has come up with a pre-employment exam (chapeau to FoxNews for picking that up). 1,006 more words


The Win/Win of Entering Seminary/Religious Life

The beautiful thing about discerning is that it’s a process.  You are constantly praying and walking with your formator/superior and spiritual director to determine what God is calling you to.   377 more words


Breaking up

It’s hit me pretty hard this year, in a way it didn’t really last time round, that for many of the people I train with, this will be the last time they celebrate the mysteries of Holy Week as lay people. 278 more words


Listen, You Priest! Who Me?

Scripture Text: Malachi 2:1-9, NLT

1Listen, you priests—this command is for you!

2 Listen to Me and make up your minds to honor my name,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, “or I will bring a terrible… 1,496 more words