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Christ's Fulfillment of Offices

“In fact, another way of summing up the Old Testament witness to Christ is to say that it depicts him as a greater prophet than Moses, a greater priest than Aaron and a greater king than David. 43 more words

The Bishops/Cardinals Can't Agree On Church Teaching! What Shall We DO!?

Tis the end of the world. The end of all things. The Catholic Church is done for. It seems that no two Bishops / Cardinals agree on anything theological, and don’t even get me started on Pope Francis! 4,443 more words


What I've learned so far

When I was discerning, I thought most of my time in the seminary would be spent learning. I figured I would divide my days into going to class and preparing for class. 496 more words


Priesthood in the Era of the New Testament, 7.

Recall the wandering prophets. An early church administration document (handbook), dated from the first century called the Didache (did-ah-kay) talks about this and the problem of prophets. 1,814 more words


Psalm 139, What do I have to offer God?

I have lived my life in a great struggle against something I cannot see. It has been a burden to me since I was a little girl, a dark monster, an unforeseen force that haunted my days. 1,064 more words


Awesome Interviews for #BlackHistoryMonth

As many of you know, one of my favorite topics has been the priesthood and temple ban on black church members.  There’s a new podcast called Gospel Tangents I want to HIGHLY recommend.   1,176 more words


Update: Father Byers' run for political office?

Inspiration: My dad was commander of the famed USMC Fighter Attack Checkerboard squadron (flying the gull-wing Corsairs from 1943-1953), became whatever the jarhead equivalent of a JAG is by being put through Georgetown lawschool even while being the back-in-the-day equivalent of what is now called a Top Gun instructor at what is now Andrews (Air Force) Joint Command just South of the District of Columbia. 1,577 more words