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Asphyxiation Culture

There’s a time to remember, a time to forget
The world out there, just shoot her down, no time for regret
There’s a place I wanna go, a girl I wanna see… 247 more words

Invisible City

Flashing lights, police cars
Polysexual gutter stars
Brutal stares, skinhead crops
The corner boys look like their dogs
Kebab shops, pubs and mosques
Lapdancing clubs, synagogues… 105 more words

Look At The Situation

“Well if you look at the situation that we’re in and the so called Democratic fucking West, they want to create a precariat, which is a class of people who live a precarious existence. 86 more words

Hit Void

Stupefied & crazy
Lonely as a ghost
Condemned, handcuffed & blindfolded
They tied me to a post
They gave me one last cigarette
Put a target on my chest… 123 more words


Train leaves the city, high on the tracks
Holocaust central howling at my back
View from the carriage, safe blind glass
Wounded streets of graveyard flats… 284 more words


You’re stuck in yesterday
Sad negativity
Glad I never see you
Glad I never see you
There’s nothing left to say
There’s nothing left to say… 200 more words

Novel Band Names (Part 3)

A surprising amount of bands have named themselves directly from literary sources. Depeche Mode got their name from a French fashion magazine.

Love And Rockets… 49 more words