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It is important to get vaccinations for our children

Why it is important to get vaccinations for our children

The messages parents receive about vaccinations today are confusing.  First we are told that certain diseases have been eliminated because of vaccines, while at the same time we are warned that it is important to continue vaccinating our children, adults and the elderly.  239 more words

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Good workout injury treatment can help you recover quickly

The proper workout injury treatment helps with recovery

Workout injuries can happen.  When you are injured during a workout, getting the right injury treatment as soon as possible is very important.  272 more words

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Planning the primary care workforce in Wales

29 April 2015

Article by Dr Shane Doheny, National Assembly for Wales Research Service

The range of professions and services provided in primary care is changing. 894 more words


The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership launches in Australia

The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) Australia arm has launched, looking to raise awareness of antibiotic stewardship. Their mission statement is:

“We, the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership, recognising the imminent onset of the post-antibiotic era and taking full cognisance of the declining numbers of new antibiotics in development hereby commit to: 137 more words

Antimicrobial Stewardship

We’re approaching the end of the generalist PCP model ... 'We see four emerging PCP identities ...' ~A.B.G.

By The Advisory Board Company

FALL 2014 – One critical outcome of designing the clinical workforce for three distinct clinical products is the end of the traditional primary care practice model. 201 more words


Primary Care & Weight Reduction Interventions: A Happy Marriage?

Research Paper Title

Access to Weight Reduction Interventions for Overweight and Obese Patients in UK Primary Care: Population-based Cohort Study.


To investigate access to weight management interventions for overweight and obese patients in primary care. 258 more words

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