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NHS Alliance publishes new report, Making Time in General Practice

Original post from NHS Alliance


NHSA Catalyst

NHS Alliance launches delivery arm

NHS Alliance provides a unique service for members, NHSA Catalyst. Building on its considerable experience and expertise in delivering project work for policy makers, and developing cutting edge thinking and analysis on the national stage, as well as for local health and social care, it is now taking this a stage further. 840 more words


The Real Medical Costs for Doctors in Ontario

This is a great article on the real cost of EMR in Ontario!

How much does is cost to care for a baby, pregnant woman, diabetic, heart disease patient, or provide primary care among the myriad of other services offered by your family doctor? 64 more words


Primary care doctors are ill-prepared to deal with growing demand for cancer care

Leading primary care professionals and cancer experts will warn at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) annual congress in Glasgow that primary care doctors will not be able to cope with the rising demand for cancer care in high-income countries — predicted to double within the next 15 years. 54 more words

10 (October 2015)

BMA — 'Responsible, safe and sustainable' general practice

A new vision for a ‘sustainable, modern and flexible’ general practice is published by the BMA this week.

The vision, ‘Responsible, safe and sustainable: towards a new future for general practice’, is based on a series of key recommendations drawn from consultations with both doctors and patients.

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02 (September 2015)

The National Gold Standard Framework Conference

I have attended to the bi-annual National GSF conference in London on 25th September.

All talks are inspiring and quite relevant to my research project.

2015 The Bi-annual National GSF Conference