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Today’s News & Commentary –– July 31, 2015

Hillary Clinton joined the list of presidential candidates courting the AFL-CIO this week. Politico forecasted that she would focus on her co-sponsorship of the Employee Free Choice Act and her promotion of collective bargaining, but would face pushback on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 392 more words

On Labor

"Idiot! Stupid! Jackass!": Walter Jacobson discusses the GOP's race to be the raciest

Walter Jacobson joins Sirott and Murciano to discuss the GOP presidential race and how many of the candidates are struggling to keep up with the outrageousness of Donald Trump. 20 more words

Bob Sirott And Marianne Murciano

Why I vote for candidates who "can't win"

Why vote at all?

I get no material benefit out of it.  I do not determine the results of any election.  I have never voted in an election for public office that was decided by one vote, or even 100 votes. 286 more words


2016 Presidental Election Candidate Spotlight Series: What is it?

If you don’t keep up with the news, then you may not be aware that there are literally 1 MILLION people running for president in 2016.  1,013 more words


06.28.15: PSUV Primaries

PSUV supporters have headed to the polls today to vote in primaries ahead of December’s parliamentary elections. Venezuelans will be able to select from among a list of PSUV candidates who will represent their district in the December 6 parliamentary elections. 804 more words

Daily Update

Prohibition Over At Last and other election news

Yesterday’s municipal primary was a historic one for Bellevue. As most are surely already aware, after more than 100 years of no retail alcohol sales in the borough, Bellevue is no longer a dry town! 486 more words


Gov: Primary Election

     After campaigning for the party’s nomination, today was time for the primary elections. Primaries serve to select delegates to the party’s national convention, who will then choose the party’s nominee. 25 more words