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Finding primary key candidates

Probably one of the most common challenges I see when I do ETL and business intelligence work is analyzing a table (or a file) for possible… 1,558 more words


UUID vs Auto Increment

What is the best method to create a key in today’s advanced Javascript node.js style applications? Do you rely on the old tried and true method to use auto-increment on the database primary key? 220 more words


SQL Day 3: Creating Tables & Enforcing Primary and Foreign Key

LO1: Creating the Tables

LO2: Enforcing Primary and Foreign Key

Prerequisite: Creating a Database

Creating Tables

You can create a table by two ways.

Graphically… 585 more words


Primary Key.

Q153. Define Primary Key.

Ans. Primary Key is set of one or more attributes that can uniquely identify tuples within a relation.

Difference between Primary Key Foreign Key

Main Difference

The principle contrast between primary key and the foreign key is that the primary key is a segment or an arrangement of segments that can be utilized to interestingly recognize a line in a table while the foreign key is a segment or an arrangement of sections that allude to a primary key or a hopeful key of another table. 940 more words


Titik Balik

Well, UTS semester 3 sudah berlalu. Semoga hasilnya memuaskan ya, hihi.

Challenge berikutnya adalah menghadapi UAS. Persiapan ini ya bisa dengan memperkaya pemahaman materi, ketahanan fisik, dan yang paling penting adalah kedekatan kita dengan yang Maha pemilik ilmu, Alloh SWT. 418 more words

Primary Key

How to Quickly Rename all Primary Keys in Oracle

Are you working with someone else’s schema and they haven’t declared nice names for all their constraints?

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to create a table like this: 529 more words