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Sebenarnya tak begitu suka mendaki.

Hanya saja dari atas sana bisa kulihat warna kesukaan.

Perpaduan birunya langit, hijaunya daun, serta..

putihnya tarian kabut di udara. 18 more words

Primary Key

EntityType: EntitySet '[Entity Name]' is based on type '[Entity Name]' that has no keys defined

So, the exception completely indicates us that it is not able to find a Key in model, which is defined in database for that entity. 217 more words


SQL Server - Transact SQL - Script Foreign Keys


Looking at a slow query and found out that one of its main table is a Heap.  And, so knew that that it needed to be recreated as a Clustered Table. 1,280 more words


Primary key in Oracle

what is primary key ?

1) Primary key is a single field or combination of fields that uniquely identified.
2)The primary key can not contain a null value. 71 more words


Mule and getting the generated id of a newly inserted row ...

There’s not a whole lot of documentation (that I found very clear, at least), so I thought I’d share this little Mule tidbit. In our flow, we end up inserting a single row into 2 sql server tables; the row that is inserted into the second table is linked to the first via a foreign key relationship to the primary key (auto-generated by the db) of the row we added to the first table. 318 more words


Handling Database Tables with no Primary key in Spring MVC and Hibernate

If you are building your web application in Java, you might be using Spring MVC with Hibernate. Both these Frameworks are extremely powerful and lets you, the developer to focus on building the application itself rather than to worry about many other factors required to manage and maintain the… 1,045 more words


Getting back on track and building the database

Well you would have of noticed that it has been three weeks since I have done a last blog post, there was a reason for this as I went to Australia as part of a family holiday/honeymoon and didn’t have any wifi where I was (unless you wanted to pay $90 for two weeks of it). 447 more words