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Check foreign key constraints in SQL Server Database

While searching for how to find Primary Key and Foreign Key relationship using INFORMATION_SCHEMA in SQL Server Database, I came across following query which works for me. 125 more words


When NOT to use GUID as Primary Key?

Let us first see advantages and disadvantages of GUID:

Advantages of GUID:

  1. Unique: GUID is unique across multiple every table, database, and server
  2. Merging data…
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Difference Between Primary Key and Unique Key

PRIMARY KEY UNIQUE KEY NULL It doesn’t allow Null values.
Because of this we refer 309 more words
Sql Server

Primary Key Script

The below script generates primary key across all the tables in the database.

;with CTE as (select distinct COLUMN_NAME,ORDINAL_POSITION,TABLE_NAME,b.name,c.index_id,
b. as ObjectID,b.parent_object_id as
from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE A Inner Join sys.key_constraints B on…
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Basis data

Praktikum minggu 8 gue belajar mengenai basis data. Basis data terdiri dari field-field (tabel) yang berisi atribut (isi tabel) dan memiliki primary key (kode unik yang berbeda sama sekali antar tabel) serta foreign key (primary key yang ada pada tabel induk menjadi isi dari tabel anak). 638 more words

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partition key, composite key and clustering key in Cassandra

There is a lot of confusion around this, I will try to make it as simple as possible.

The primary key is a general concept to indicate one or more columns used to retrieve data from a Table. 560 more words