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SQL Constraints

i) not  null 

  • If we want that column cannot have  null value then use not null
  • Example:

create table student(
student_id int not null, 347 more words



An example for error Constructor No-argument:

public BeneficiaryClaim()

Primary Key

Pertemuan 3. Model Data Relational

Dear Students,

Materi teori dan praktek untuk pertemuan 3 mengenai Model Data Relational dapat diunduh pada link di bawah ini. Ada 4 file yang dapat diunduh, yaitu file slide presentasi untuk teori mengenai Model Data Relational… 108 more words

Sistem Basis Data


Hi all, from this post I’m going  to talk about another optimization technique used in MySQL, indexing. We can use indexing with tables to make our queries more efficient. 586 more words


Creating database objects (3)

1.3 Creating and modify constraints

One may never guess the kind of data that enters into the database. So we need to enforce some kind of validations to ensure that the right kind of data enters into the tables. 742 more words