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GAD Workshop, Surrey, BC

Thanks to the teaching staff of GAD Elementary in Surrey, BC, for their warm welcome and heartfelt participation as we delved into problem solving, … 349 more words

Primary Math Ideas & Problems

Simple Definitions Too Simple?

Math definitions matter! There are many words we use in mathematics that have one meaning in that discipline and another in ordinary life. Take for instance the word “difference”. 487 more words

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"Number of the Day" Sheets: Choosing the Number

I recently received an email from Stephanie, a grade 2 teacher in Newfoundland, inquiring about choosing the number for the Number of the Day sheets: 414 more words

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10 New Year's Resolutions for the Math Classroom

1. praise effort, not correct answers
2. make sure my students know their intelligence is not fixed: hard work pays off
3. make my classroom a safe place for students to take risks… 65 more words

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What's Important to Have in a Grade 1 Classroom?

I was recently contacted by a former colleague, Dawn, regarding what manipulatives a grade one classroom might need to have on hand to support effective learning math. 593 more words

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Welcome to SUCCESS!

As I write this the summer is half over — at least for students and teachers in BC, Canada. Schools are generally out for July and August, and then begin after Labour Day in September. 430 more words

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Breaking Apart Numbers: Practice Sheets

I have mentioned before about the importance of breaking numbers apart, of having students understand that every number can be broken into smaller numbers. I have included this practice on all of the… 136 more words

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