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Rules Governing Shipboard Life in the Royal Navy

We have all heard of the Articles of War, those dire pronouncements read to the assembled crew every Sunday. But a ship cannot be governed by just these rules; other guidelines must exist for the regulation of life aboard a sailing ship. 386 more words

Primary Sources

Teaching Primary Sources Coaches Academy PD Opportunity!

Friends, despite the unfortunate nature of the previous post, we do have some EXCELLENT news and a great opportunity for professional development for you to consider. 456 more words

Professional Development

I Finished the First Draft of My Novel. Here's What I Learned Along the Way.

I’ve finished the first draft of my novel.  This point has been a looong time coming because way back when I started this project I only had a sense of what I wanted to do. 1,389 more words

A Slice Of Life

SHEG lessons & assessments aligned by grade and standards

Many of you are already aware of the Stanford History Education Group’s fantastic resources called Reading Like a Historian and Beyond the Bubble. If you’re not, you need to be. 236 more words


Excerpts from Herodotus’ The Histories

Book VI

  1. The Battle of Marathon

The Persians, having thus brought Eretria into subjection after waiting a few days, made sail for Attica, greatly straightening the Athenians as they approached, and thinking to deal with them as they had dealt with the people of Eretria. 7,786 more words


Child Labor & Persuasive Techniques

Here’s another great lesson from the Library of Congress. (I think I’d like to be their teacher in residence someday.) This one focuses on child labor and analyzes the various persuasive techniques used to draw attention to the issue… in the years before 1938. 41 more words