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Use Timeline JS and Juxtapose for historical thinking awesomeness

Several weeks ago, I gushed about a new tool I had just run across called StoryMap JS. It seemed like an easy to use, nice to look at tool for creating interactive, multimedia historical accounts. 673 more words


"Teaching History Beyond the Textbook" Yohuru Williams and investigative strategies

I had the chance to hear Dr. Yohuru Williams speak last Friday the National Council for History Education. He started by sharing three things:


Bridgewater Triangle Primary Sources

When I left Oregon, I was sad to leave Bigfoot behind. I’m delighted to discover that I’m now living right next to the Bridgewater Triangle, a site of paranormal activities including ghosts, UFOs, thunderbirds, and yes—Bigfoot! 162 more words

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#nche2016: Nathan McAlister and Teaching Literacy through History

I can say that I knew Nathan before he became famous. He and I worked together in our first Teaching American History project. A few years later in 2010, he was selected as the… 372 more words


#nche2016: Using the story of Angel Island to build elementary historical thinking skills

One of the cool things that is happening around the country is that more and more elementary classrooms are focusing on integrating history into their instruction. 469 more words


Documentary Naval History of the Spanish-American War

Hundreds of transcribed documents including command diaries, squadron bulletins, messages to and from Theodore Roosevelt, then Secretary of the Navy, and naval reports are presented in this feature from… 65 more words

Naval History

The Civil War on the Water

Three separate special publications from The Daybook (Hampton Roads Naval Museum) are devoted entirely to Civil War operations on the water: Sea Stories (a compendium of excerpts from letters, diaries, memoirs, and log books); The… 46 more words

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