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SOURCES Annual Conference

Good morning, civics friends. This post is just a reminder that the SOURCES Annual Conference, put on by Dr. Scott Waring here at UCF, is coming soon, and it is worth your time and energy to attend. 607 more words

General Civic Education

10 things to think about as you integrate primary sources

As the social studies and history disciplines move more to a “doing” model that focuses on developing thinking skills, it becomes even more important to incorporate different sorts of evidence into instruction. 855 more words


Speeches in Parliament, 1803-2005

More than 7.6 million speeches are recorded in Hansard; this site allows you to interactively search this vast database. But beware, there is an old programming acronym – GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) – meaning that you have to be careful how you phrase your queries. 46 more words

Primary Sources

How the Digital Revolution is Transforming Historical Research

How the Digital Revolution is Transforming Historical Research

Cynthia Prescott, University of North Dakota

There’s lots of talk these days about how the Digital Revolution is transforming our world.  566 more words


Students in the Archives

I have my classes spend a lot of time with primary sources. Readers are probably already aware of this. Sometimes my students and I chuckle at things we find… 723 more words

Local and Atlantic Sociability: Military Engineer William Booth

Bonnie Huskins

William Booth, an 18th-century British military engineer, was a citizen of the Atlantic World.[1] He was posted to various locations throughout the British Empire, beginning in Gibraltar in 1774, where he was eventually promoted to Director of the Mines. 1,465 more words

Early Canadian History

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

A simple but thorough explanation!  No speaking in video, just reading the screen…
Questions at end to test for comprehension.

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