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Three months have gone by now since I started following the urban vervets around Lilongwe and a lot has changed. I started tracking and habituating them back in March, the rains in the region had just recently ended and the city was still lush. 596 more words



Currently I am a research assistant on a project with urban vervets. During this time I am required to follow them around all day, and watch them when they get up to no good, which is very common for vervets, let alone ones in an urban setting. 156 more words


Interview with a Primate Researcher

In the last few months, Italian animal rights activists have conducted a campaign against animal research, in particular against primate research. This is despite the important role that primates have played in breakthroughs in… 178 more words


American Psychological Association supports NIH primate researcher Stephen J. Suomi

Research conducted within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) intramural program has been the focus of a PETA campaign over the past several months. Elements of the campaign mirror tactics PETA has used elsewhere to generate media coverage, fundraising, and emails or phone calls to the NIH. 945 more words


Bigfoot and Upside Down Trees

There’s a video on YouTube showing several large trees turned upside down with the roots towards the sky and the top portions buried deeply (about 7 feet) into the ground.   1,714 more words


Gigantopithecus: The Giant Ape

Article by Rob L., SPI Staff Hominid Researcher

For thousands of years pharmacists in China have used bones commonly known as “dragon bones” and teeth in potions they make which they claim cures all sorts of ailments.   1,566 more words


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Bigfoot! Is it G. Americanus?

Jane Goodall and Bigfoot

Famed Jane Goodall is a British primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist.  She has long been considered to be the worlds’ foremost expert on chimpanzees.  She’s best known for the 45 year study she conducted studying the social and family interactions of chimps in Tanzania. 236 more words

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