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The tragedies of the wild

A few weeks ago I had a shocking message. Some MNP assistants found a dead monkey and they think it was the alpha female of one of my groups. 353 more words

Free-Roaming Monkeys

Apeldoorn is a city in the Netherlands about an hour drive east of Amsterdam; it is the home of Apenheul primate park.  This is a park where, in many cases, the primates roam freely, interacting with the park guests if they so choose.  368 more words


Hélène Cardona’s atemporal poetry

There are few visionnary poets in our time, who learned to contemplate the world with the ’’eyes of heart’’ and Hollywood star, award-winning poet and linguist Hélène Cardona is a brilliant representative of them. 802 more words


Biases in chimpanzees

Apes Prefer the Glass Half Full

Humans aren’t the only species to be influenced by spin. Our closest primate relatives are susceptible, too. For example, people are known to rate a burger as more tasty when it is described as “75 percent lean” than when it is described as “25 percent fat,” even though that’s the same thing. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics


Bacteriile de la incepul s-au transformat in cordate,pestii,care au ajuns pe uscat sub forma de Tictaalik.Ihtiostega,uramasul lui Tictaalik,s-a transformat peste 10o milioane de ani in reptile-mamifer.Din acestea a aparut in umbra dinozaurilor ,Purgatorius.Dupa extinctia K-T a evoluat in antropoide si in cele din urma in om.Omul este in prezent pradatorul suprem de pe aceasta planeta,dar el ar putea provoca urmatoarea extinctie in masa daca mai polueaza mediul celorlalte vietuitoare.