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X is for Xenophobe.

This is a constructed word of the Phobic family. Despite the shrill media and minority voices, phobia is fear, not hate. To further complicate matters, the legislators have misused other constructed words, for example, Homophobic, as a term to sub classify certain offences. 505 more words

Photo of the Day –Feb 12th – Seeing-Eye-to-Eye

A male orangutan makes eye contact with the camera.

A little trivia: The cheek pads, called flanges, make male orangutans more desirable to females. Recent studies show that the flanges can sometimes take 20 years to appear, but their growth is directly related to testosterone levels.


Favorite Photos

Mantrill Shrimp

There is a terrible nightmare ape-like creature that lives in the jungles of Africa. Much like the shrimpanzee, this terrifying customer is not great to encounter! 44 more words



Legends are told among the legendary Bigfoots of North America of a special race of their kind that had become mixed with the legendary pegasuses of the heavens. 27 more words



This tiny freshwater primate-amphibian lives in social families exactly as mountain gorillas do. They are a prized aquarium pet and come in their natural coloration (seen here) or a delightful pink albino. Their babies are astoundingly cute.



Shrimpanzees live in advanced social groups and must travel around by swinging through trees because their delicate shrimp legs are for display purposes only. This seems to make all of these animals to be on the verge of being enraged and they hate interloping humans. Run away! Faster!


Swearing Is Good For You—And Chimps Do It, Too

By Simon Worrall

wearing is usually regarded as simply lazy language or an abusive lapse in civility. But as Emma Byrne shows in her book, Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, new research reveals that profanity has many positive virtues, from promoting trust and teamwork in the office to increasing our tolerance to pain. 1,680 more words