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November Reign. Coffs Harbour, Australia. 2015. Stage 3. 21 and 22 November. Nambucca CBD.

The site for Stage Three is Nambucca CBD.




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Some Reading

Friday mystery object #265 answer

Last week I gave you this lovely primate skull from the Grant Museum of Zoology to identify:

When I first saw it I assumed it was a Macaque of some kind. 317 more words

Friday Mystery Object

Day 17

A Common Marmoset at Bally Vaughan Wildlife Orphanage (July 2010)

A Photo A Day (-ish)

Why Aren’t Human Fingers All the Same Length?

The human hand is remarkably different from that of other primates, with shorter fingers, a smaller palm and a significantly stronger thumb; of course, the most notable feature of our hands is the ability of the thumb to perfectly and comfortably oppose (come into square contact at the tips) each finger of the same hand.

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Today I Learned

Ask a Scientist episode 8: Ciara Stafford.

Are zoos good for animals? How smart are monkeys?

This week we are interviewing Ciara Stafford about conservation and primates. Comment below for a chance to have your question answered by an expert!


Colobus Monkeys

Yesterday may have been Columbus Day…but I’m of the opinion that monkeys are more interesting than Italian explorers, so instead we’ll celebrate Colobus Day a day later! 292 more words


Bigfoot Hoaxers. Why and Who

Bigfoot Hoaxers! Why? How? What? Who? These people are the a-moral cunts of the Bigfoot Community. Their numbers involve the Captain Cunt Rick Dyer, General Gimpface Todd Standing, Baron Bullshit Tom Biscardi and so on and so forth. 404 more words