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De Brazza’s monkey at the Barcelona zoo. The white beard, busy eyebrows and the general demeanour made for an interesting photo!


Volunteering at a primate sanctuary 

Not far outside of San Antonio is Primarily Primates animal sanctuary. As their name implies, they foster dozens of primates ranging from small capuchins to chimpanzees. 132 more words


Sulawesi Tarsier

Photos of Sulawesi Tarsier taken in the jungle in low light.  Tarsiers are small primates that inhabit the jungles of South East Asia.  They are nocturnal and arboreal, which makes it very challenging to photograph them in the wild.

Wildlife Indonesia

Three new primate species discovered in Madagascar

  • Scientists have identified three new species of mouse lemurs in Madagascar, taking the total number of known mouse lemur species to 24.
  • They live in the South and East of Madagascar.
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“Her black dress is tight against the curves on her body, too tight. On purpose or on accident, it isn’t something unpleasant or unwanted, at least for a guy. 213 more words


Kezi a Supermom!

Kezi a female yellow baboon arrived at the centre in 2012 when she was approximately 6 months old. She was confiscated after being sold on the road side. 532 more words

Interview: How our outreach experiences have changed!

In this Q&A post, we visit with Jordana Lenon, B.S., B.A., the outreach specialist for the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center and the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 1,157 more words