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The Thinking Monkey

I recently came across this picture taken in 2006 at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. I don’t know what kind of monkey this is (please share if you know), I just know it reminds me of a human smoking a pipe while deep in thought. 26 more words


East Africa's rarest monkey

First discovered by WCS scientists in 2003, kipunji are large arboreal monkeys, known globally from just two sites in southwest Tanzania. Kipunji are East Africa’s rarest monkey and one of the world’s 25 most threatened primates. 11 more words

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WCS Tanzania priority species

We focus our species conservation on nine priority taxa, which are chosen for their ecological importance, degree of threat, endemism, iconic status, value in arousing action as flagship species as well as historical and global links with WCS.

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Primate for the win

¡La semana anterior nos ensuciamos las manos! Tras distintas reflexiones llegamos a la conclusión de que lo primero que debíamos hacer era tener un buen producto, por lo que comenzamos a prototipar para llegar a la gran “Presa Primate”. 393 more words

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Priority primates

Tanzania is home to the highest number of threatened primate taxa in mainland Africa. Given the ever-increasing pressure on natural resources presented by human population growth and development, the prioritisation of conservation interventions is vital. 48 more words

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One of the world’s most endangered primates

The Zanzibar red colobus monkey is one of the world’s most endangered primates. Endemic to the island of Unguja, it is only found in a fraction of its historic range.

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That’s the thing about having a parent afflicted with mental illness: you feel caged. I can only imagine how my dad felt. Speaking of cages let me tell you about my dad’s monkey’s cage. 539 more words

Survivors Of Mentally Ill Parents