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Tool-wielding Monkeys Push Shellfish To Edge Of Extinction

According to NewScientist –

HUMANS aren’t the only primate to have pushed their prey towards extinction. Monkeys have also over-exploited animals for food. Long-tailed macaques… 90 more words

Khỉ Mắc-ca Đông Dương (Khỉ vàng) - Indochinese rhesus macaque, Sơn Trà 9/2017

Khỉ vàng có thân màu nâu,  hai bên hông và đùi màu nâu đỏ, nhìn chung, toàn thân màu nâu vàng. Con trưởng thành mặt có màu đỏ. 106 more words


Where does Rooneyia nest on the primate cladogram?

Rooneyia viejaensis (Kirk et al. 2014; Late Eocene, 40 mya; Fig. 2) is a basal primate known from a nearly complete skull. Everyone agrees on that. 230 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Monkeys from our recent Peru trip.

My wife and I recently traveled to Peru for the second time in two years. The first trip to Peru was a combination of her and some of her students netting for bats and me joining her and separating from her students and going a bird tour to the infamous Manu Rd. 2,388 more words