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Meditation on Primates

The wild is calling

Through the depths of the soul

Preservation of the primates

– Elisa da Silva

Animal Spirit

The Monkey Network

If you’re anything like me, you probably check your Facebook account at least five times a day. It’s something pretty much all of us do, but have you ever wondered why we feel the need to check up on our friends, or why we want to comment on their statuses or “like” their pictures? 668 more words

Pet Primates - Is It Right?

The current welfare issues associated with the keeping of primates in captivity

Primates are social creatures naturally living in troops of approximately 22 to 300 individuals (Honess and Wolfensohn, 2005). 2,365 more words



“Sandra, because of her captivity and exposure to human beings for her entire life, is what primatologists call an enculturated ape. … The needs of an orangutan are easy to determine based on studies of orangutans in the wild. 34 more words