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#182 Sad Little Monkey

Sometimes life seems all too difficult. I’m not sure what was depressing this little monkey more, a life behind bars or the climate of a Houston summer. 28 more words



Mya = million years ago

Kya = thousand years ago

10kya, hominids became sedentary, and 5kya, writing and religion became widespread. 2kya, Apollonius, an Essene Jew, started preaching goodness and tolerance and had tremendous success throughout the Western Roman Empire and the Middle East. 1,545 more words


Bengal Slow Loris (Nycticebus bengalensis)

The Bengal Slow Loris (Nycticebus bengalensis) is locally known as ‘Lajjabati Banar’ in Bangladesh and NE India what is in English shy monkey probably due to it’s cryptic and nocturnal habits. 237 more words


The ethics and value of responsible animal research

This post, signed by over 90 scientists, is in response to an article published 09/04/16 in the New York Times titled: “Second thoughts of an animal researcher.”  … 2,389 more words


Opinions, evidence, and anti-research agendas: A recap of a session at the American Society of Primatologists/International Primatological Society Meeting 2016

Research with nonhuman primates in laboratory settings is a tiny fraction of both laboratory research and nonhuman primate research. The topic is of disproportionate interest, however, for many reasons, and is reflected by a recent… 2,179 more words