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Even Monkeys Know that Same Amount of Work Should Pay the Same Reward

This is a really intersting TED lecture from pirmatologist and ethologist Frans De Waal (pictured above) that studies primate behavior. De Waal is  especially interested in understanding the origins of morality, empathy, and similar emotions prevalent in species of higher order. 63 more words

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Chimps (Nearly) Awarded Human Rights

In a landmark ruling, two chimpanzees, imprisoned and abused for research, were temporarily granted legal ‘personhood’ status for the first time. The Nonhuman Rights Project… 357 more words

Animal rights group cheers 'big step forward' as New York judge grants legal rights to research chimps

A New York judge has granted two chimpanzees a writ of habeas corpus, giving them the right to a day in court — under a law that only applies to people. 418 more words


Sally and the Grackle

Sally is a squat, solid chimp with a perpetually grumpy expression on her face.  She lives in one of our larger groups, and though she still seems to spend time with her mother and her mother’s longtime best girlfriend, she does not socialize as much as the other girls.   1,596 more words


Because "Siri" Would Someday Already Be Taken

My daughter, whom we call “Sludge Junky” for short
And “Amazing Worshiper of Coffee” for sport,
Is barely a monkey by most definitions… 19 more words


Wild chimpanzees look both ways before crossing roads

A fascinating story of how our closest relatives have been observed checking for traffic before crossing roads. Additionally: “there was also evidence that healthy and dominant chimps often made sure that stragglers or more vulnerable members of the group crossed safely.” Amazing creatures…


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History pt.10, the next 512th

Just 2 million years after diverging from the gibbons (or about 400,000 generations) Apes diverged from the Orangutan (0.014 bya). In this case, the Orangutans made a quicker journey from Africa back to Asia, 31 million years after the primates left ( 458 more words