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That Time I went to Borneo.

In July of 2016 I went to Borneo. If you don’t know where that is it’s hanging out being the 3rd largest island in the world, located right in Malaysia. 398 more words


Having A Nosy At The Proboscis Monkey

As primates are our closest living relatives, it’s only natural they are diverse like us. From powerful gorillas to beautiful golden lion tamarins, primates have colonised every continent. 350 more words


World Record-Wireless Brain Implant Makes Paralyzed Primate Walk Again

Scientists have used a wireless brain implant to bypass the spinal cord injuries of two paralysed rhesus macaques, giving them the ability to walk again. 217 more words


"Primates are collectively defined as any gill-less, organic RNA/DNA protein-based...

…metabolic, metazoic, nucleic, diploid, bilaterally symmetrical, endothermic, digestive, tryploblast, opisthokont, deuterostome coelomate with a spinal cord and 12 cranial nerves connecting to a limbic system in an enlarged cerebral cortex with a reduced olfactory region inside a jawed skull with specialized teeth including canines and premolars, forward-oriented fully enclosed optical orbits, and a single temporal fenestra, -attached to a vertebrate hind-leg dominant tetrapoidal skeleton with sacral pelvis, clavical, and wrist and ankle bones; and having lungs, tear ducts, body-wide hair follicles, lactal mammaries, opposable thumbs, and keratinized dermis with chitinous nails on all five digits on all four extremities in addition to an embryonic development in amniotic fluid, leading to a placental birth and highly social lifestyle.” 10 more words


A primate genocide and ecological catastrophe on an industrial scale. 

All thanks to a cheap cooking oil we find in our supermarket products everyday.

Palm oil is a cheap and common ingredient in many foods and household products, but as with everything apparently ‘cheap’ – it comes at a terrible cost. 106 more words

Conservation And Environment

The Most Powerful Fictional Character in the World

That would be God.

People are, despite my wishful thinking that we’ve evolved, nothing but a bunch of superstitious primates.

And we let everyone vote, so all those superstitious primates get to tell me what to do in the end, which really sucks, especially since so many of them are gullible in addition to being superstitious, and can be convinced by a two-bit shyster like Donald Trump that by voting for him – a worshiper only of ego and mammon – they are furthering their fictional master’s agenda. 88 more words


Primate ancestry, new research

This video says about itself:

24 April 2014

From opposable thumbs to bipedalism, follow the human evolution timeline in this gripping biology video that’s perfect for the classroom.

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