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distributed consciousness - another nail in the coffin of human specialness

I wrote a piece here called ‘Animals R Us’ a few years ago because I was annoyed at certain contemptuous remarks directed at animals – a rather large set to be contemptuous of – and also because I’ve always disliked the idea of human specialness so beloved of some of our religious co-habitants. 813 more words



One of my first blog post was about a baboon release which the center did back in January. This was a hectic week of trying to get 22 baboons back into the wild. 118 more words


Arboreal mammals: Spiders, Capuchins, Howlers and Sloths!

Coming from India the temperature in Panama really doesn’t feel like a sauna, being pretty hot and humid back there as well. It’s pretty surprising how fast one can get tanned here. 747 more words


Swiss Army knife brain and hand

It’s all very well for life to evolve intelligence, but without some way to manipulate things the intelligence species couldn’t make tools, build machines, get into space or reach other planets. 134 more words


Animal addiction

Addictive substances are not new to humans, and are not new to many other species that eat fermented fruit found on the ground. These mind altering substances are used by many animals but primates are our closest relatives and show the most similarities to us in their relationship to substance abuse. 85 more words


I made this...


And having researched, I wrote…

Faeries on the road

Non-visual evidence of faeries is readily experienced by humans, as anyone who has had the misfortune to live in a house built across a faerie road will acknowledge. 1,196 more words

19th Arrondissement

Chimp Games

Maggie and Joan have known each other for their whole lives.  Maggie is about 24, and Joan is about 28.  Up until a few years ago, they had lived in the same big outdoor enclosure with the same family groups and the only changes that occurred had to do with animals getting older and passing away.  1,310 more words