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Captive Chimps Now Considered Endangered Like Wild Counterparts, But There Is Still More To Be Done

EcoBeat Staff – Thanks to a petition started five years ago by animal rights organizations, including the Human Society, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service just decided to allow the country’s 1,724 captive chimpanzees to receive the endangered species status that wild chimps have had since the passage of the Endangered Species Act in 1990. 273 more words


Book Review: A Beautiful Truth by Colin McAdam

A Beautiful Truth by Colin McAdam follows the life of Judy and Walt Ribke, a couple who, after Judy has an operation, are unable to have children on their own. 524 more words


More Monkey business (Updated)

So i’m just on the tail end (hopefully) of a slightly demoralizing week.  This week was complete with crazy schedule changes, getting bitten by an anti-social marmoset, my blow dryer getting fried, a mystery illness that leaves people weak and vomiting infecting yet another person, and a complete lack of decent wine. 487 more words

two percent separation

we are not so dissimilar
you and I
we share many things
we protect those we love
fight those who’d harm our families… 113 more words

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5 Interesting Facts About Angola Colobus Monkeys

Today I want to write about a really cool looking monkey that has amazing markings, the Angola colobus monkey.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 185 more words