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This Day in History: Monkey Invents Boat

On this day in history, roughly millions of years ago, the concept of boating was inadvertently invented by a monkey. This was probably the most important day ever. 128 more words


Wildlife photographs

As I’m in a rush preparing to leave (and Wildlife Photo posts take a while to put up), so let me be lazy and post three tweets sent by the estimable Matthew Cobb, who follows Twi**er.   375 more words


Stone age monkeys and humans

This video says about itself:

13 October 2016

Clip of capuchin stone on stone percussion and licking of passive hammer associated with capuchin grooming.

Credit: M.

758 more words

What do capuchin stone tools tell us about human evolution?

A month ago at ESHE and now online in Nature, Proffitt and colleagues describe stone-on-stone smashing behavior among wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus… 681 more words


Device to help stroke patients to recover moves from primates to people

Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke, resulting in almost six million deaths and five million people left permanently disabled. It occurs when blood supply to the brain is blocked, or a blood vessel bursts. 1,720 more words


A wise face

Back in July we went Chimpanzee trekking when my Mum came to visit. With a 90% chance of seeing the Chimps in any one guided trek I was optimistic if not slightly worried about being in that unlucky 10% who’s forked out $120 for nothing…. 57 more words


November 2: Mammalian Heritage Day

Finally a fake holiday I can get behind. We humans in our evolution find ourselves benefitting fully from our mammalian heritage. Mammals appeared on the scene around 500 million years ago and have diversified into many different forms since. 429 more words