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Endometriosis in Captive Critters?

So we’ve previously read about a German Shepherd being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Today we’re going to talk about Mandrills (a form of primate that used to be considered a Baboon) who had been diagnosed with Endo. 882 more words


a statement of intent: blogging on patriarchy

Okay I’ve recently become a bit depressed that my blog is heading south, comme on dit, being read by nobody, due largely to my personality. 501 more words


Freeway - "Primates" | @Phillyfreezer

No stranger to tough talk and lyrical beatdowns, Freeway isn’t mincing words on his latest track, “Primates.” Like his previous drop, “Bombdroppaz,” this joint is another bruising and neck-snapping collaboration with Amsterdam’s Big Ape. 218 more words

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Overview: Commenting on the Ethics of Primate Research

In last year’s House Appropriation’s Bill HR 2029, the United States Congress asked the National Institute of Health to “conduct a review of its ethical policies and processes with respect to nonhuman primate research subjects, in consultation with outside experts, to ensure it has appropriate justification for animal research protocols.” 436 more words

Piltdown man hoax perpetrator exposed

This 2014 video is about the Piltdown man fraud.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Piltdown hoax: Culprit behind one of history’s greatest ruses finally exposed…

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