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Alannah Pearson


Primate of the Week: Stump-tailed Macaque

Macaca arctoides


  • Suborder: Haplorrhini
  • Infraorder: Simiiformes
  • Superfamily: Cercopithecoidea
  • Family: Cercopithecidae
  • Subfamily: Cercopithecinae

Stump-tailed macaques have short tails measuring .12 to 2.7 inches (Fa, 1989). Stump-tailed macaques have pink or red faces, and long shaggy brown fur (Fa, 1989; Rowe, 1996; Groves, 2001). 522 more words


Gentle Giants of Madagascar

Madagascar is like a look into the past. Because it split from mainland more than a

million years ago, the ecology has lived in isolation allowing ancient species to leave descendants up to modern day. 473 more words


Remnants of the Past

Our bodies are literally littered with our ancestral past. And for a time people couldn’t explain why we had certain traits that were either very odd or served no purpose. 964 more words

Human Biology

A Bite into the Past

Between 4 million to 1 million years ago there was a a very diverse group of bipedal hominins in East and South Africa called the australopiths. 755 more words


Are you my baby? Why males might care for infants that are not their own

Written by Laura Abondano

YASUNI BIOSPHERE RESERVE, Ecuador – Guava, a baby woolly monkey, jumps off her mother’s back and lands on the back of Gordon, a male from one of the groups of woolly monkeys living at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station deep in the Amazon rainforest. 519 more words