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Gordzilla in the City: Giving human rights to smart animals is dumb

U.S. animal-rights activists have won a court victory that will force the president of State University of New York at Stony Brook to explain in a few days why two chimpanzees locked up at his institution shouldn’t be considered legal persons and — if their personhood is established — sue to be freed from captivity. 530 more words


Wild chimps take care before crossing the road A busy highway in...

Wild chimps take care before crossing the road

A busy highway in Uganda is a potential death trap, but chimps have learned to look before running across, and they even wait for those less able to cross…

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Good news! Thought extinct for decades, a rare monkey is captured on film for the first time

I saw this article in the Washington Post a few days ago, and it made me supremely happy for at least two reasons.

First of all, a  285 more words

Central Africa

Coco and Conrad are missing...

Coco & Conrad are missing from group C – Coco is a large adult female with long, dark chest fur and a small pink spot on her left breast and on her inner left thigh. 141 more words


R.I.P. Dear Digit

Written by K. Ellis

I got some pretty heavy news my first day back to the station. While searching for a few of our radio-collared animals, I heard one of my favorite monkeys on mortality (when there is no activity the collar will pulse much faster than the normal rate to alert the researcher that either the animal has died or that the collar has fallen off).  312 more words


Young Male Monkeys Prefer Spending Time With Daddy, Study Says

Male rhesus macaque monkeys prefer the company of their fathers, according to a new study, marking one of the first times gender partiality has been exhibited in primates before they leave the colony. 162 more words

Where Do New Primate Species Come From?

A Quick Refresher of Species Concepts:

1. Biological Species Concept (Mayr)

  • A species = “A group of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups”
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