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Chester Zoo: Volunteer Research Assistant

Yesterday, I received the incredibly exciting news that I had been successful in my application for the position of a research assistant working under the prestigious primatologist… 308 more words


Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan

Last night I watched the incredible programme ‘Natural World 2018-2019 Episode 4 – Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan’ on BBC Two (link here – be warned, it is quite an upsetting watch). 721 more words


Volunteering in South America

Following email discourse with a university professor, I realised that becoming a primatologist is going to be quite difficult. Of course, I always knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, and that I had would have to get a variety of different qualifications and work really hard for a large portion of my life, but I never knew quite the extent to which my financial status was going to impede my progress. 387 more words


Aspiring Primatologist

As a child, I was fascinated with all living things. However, nothing captured my interest more than our closest evolutionary relatives – primates. I would often find myself thinking how amazing it would be to see them in the wild, to watch them for hours, to learn about and from them. 474 more words


Seminar - Biosocial conservation

Content overview

Jo Setchell from Durham university came and came a talked about integrating biological and ethnographic methods to study human-primate interactions.

The threats facing the habitats of primates include habitat destruction, illegal pet aand meat trade as well as timber being used for personal use. 414 more words

Chimpanzee Sulci

Studying the evolution of brain form requires paleoneruologists to rely on casts from the cranial cavity from fossil species. Due to the lack of soft-tissue preservation in fossils, descriptions of macroanatomy and cytoarchitecture  are taken from comparative non-human primates to serve as hypothetical models of early hominin brain form. 270 more words


Many of us have specific areas which we hope to go into after university. Often we plan to attain jobs with the species we are most interested in. 558 more words