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Primates have been infected with viruses related to HIV for 16 million years

Disease-causing viruses engage their hosts in ongoing arms races: positive selection for antiviral genes increases host fitness and survival, and viruses in turn select for mutations that counteract the antiviral host factors. 492 more words


Chimps used for research by New York Blood Center face starvation on island in Liberia after payments pulled

CHIMPANZEE ISLAND, Liberia – Eleven chimpanzees rushed out from the bush and descended from trees to the shore, making jubilant sounds to greet the speed boat bringing food. 344 more words


Fronto-parietal highways

Roberto Caminiti and his colleagues have just published a very large and detailed review on the fronto-parietal network, comparing functional anatomy, histology, and connectivity in humans and macaques. 189 more words

Brain Evolution

Intro to Woolly Monkey Identification

Written by R. Ellis

When I first arrived at Tiputini Biodiversity Station, I was confronted with a daunting reality: I was responsible for being able to individually recognize all 80 or so monkeys we observe. 707 more words


alpha male

alpha male

(1980’s | academese | “leader of the pack,” “take-charge guy,” “macho man,” “dominant male”)

This expression takes advantage of the fact that we are animals and there is something very satisfying about showing direct analogies between human and animal behavior. 725 more words


Here there be Monkeys

Since my research is all about MONKEYS, I thought I would post some pictures.

Here is Banana hanging out on the beach eating what my assistant Kayal calls “beach lettuce”. 57 more words


Can a Bonobo Beat you at Pac-Man? Bonobos are incredibly smart....

Can a Bonobo Beat you at Pac-Man?

Bonobos are incredibly smart. They can build fires, cook meals, are sex positive and can even get pretty far in Pac-Man.

By: Animalogic.