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Gibbons are coolby wildkingdom: They have a toe that works like...

Gibbons are cool

by wildkingdom:

They have a toe that works like a thumb and can leap more than 30 feet. Need more proof? Watch.

No, Biology Doesn't Make Me a Total Asshole.

Recently, and to my delight, my facebook news feed has been peppered with articles merging two of my favorite topics–biological anthropology and feminism.
So in light of that, I’m gonna write my own!!! 2,778 more words


The Orangutan, 1934

Next to the chimpanzee, the Orang-utan, found in Borneo and Sumatra, is the most familiar of the man-like apes to be seen in captivity. It is easily distinguished from all others by the “ginger” colour of its long, unkempt-looking hair. 280 more words


Chimpanzees, 1936

Chimpanzees are near relations of Gorillas. They too belong to the small group of animals known as Anthropoid, that is “Man-like” Apes. They are the star turns of the Zoo collection because they are not only very clever but very playful and amusing. 187 more words


Precipitation and prosimians: Claire Wheeler on her dissertation project

Claire writes about her own research project for her final year dissertation: a study into the effects of weather and visitor number on Ring-tailed lemurs in a walk-through zoo enclosure… 305 more words


Chimps Are Making And Hunting With Spears?! Chimpanzee hunting...

Chimps Are Making And Hunting With Spears?!

Chimpanzee hunting patterns are giving some insight into the way humans might have evolved. These chimps are actually making their own tools and hunting with them.

By: Think Tank.

The Gorilla, 1910

    The most important of all the Primates is the great ape which we call the gorilla. It is the largest and fiercest of all the apes, and lives in the thick, dark forests of Central Africa, where the footstep of man is seldom heard. 402 more words