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What cultural primatology can tell anthropologists about the evolution of culture - Graded Precis

ANTH 722

11 September 2015

Perry, Susan E. 2006. What cultural primatology can tell anthropologists about the evolution of culture. Annual Review of Anthropology 35:171-190. 496 more words

Biological Anthropology

Photos From Costa Rica!

I had the pleasure of conducting my research at Piro Biological Station in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. I was there to look at foraging ecology in howler monkeys ( 441 more words


Multispecies Ethnography and Social Hierarchy

By Juno Salazar Parreñas, The Ohio State University §

Ethnographic research often gets divided between “studying up” via Laura Nader (1972 ) and studying with “a view from below” via… 1,808 more words

Multi-Species Anthropology

People, Primates and Pathogens: Integrated approaches to Health, Disease, and the human-animal interface with Augustin Fuentes and Lisa Jones-Engel

The AAA welcomes back Agustin Fuentes for another Webinar Wednesday, this time joined by Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel.  Please note our different time this week: 11 AM Eastern. 417 more words

Anthro In The Media

The million year old monkey: New evidence confirms the antiquity of fossil primate

An international team of scientists have dated a species of fossil monkey found across the Caribbean to just over 1 million years old.

The discovery was made after the researchers recovered a fossil tibia (shin bone) belonging to the species of extinct monkey… 466 more words



After shape analysis of the endocranial growth and development in modern humans, chimps, and Neandertals, the team from the Max Planck Institute has published a study on… 101 more words

Brain Morphology

Primates have been infected with viruses related to HIV for 16 million years

Disease-causing viruses engage their hosts in ongoing arms races: positive selection for antiviral genes increases host fitness and survival, and viruses in turn select for mutations that counteract the antiviral host factors. 492 more words