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The prime cause of ignorance in people in general is lack of observing and analytical thinking.

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Causality and "God needs a cause".

None known scientific phenomena contradicts the scientific principle of causality. It is a scientific principle with is foundation on many observations. By induction causality is regarded to be true for all of time-space. 746 more words


Challenge to the atheist: Explain the existence of anything at all without a Prime Cause

Legitimate scientists – whether specializing in cosmology, physics or evolution – are meticulous to make crystal clear that they make no pretense of explaining the ex nihilo origin of the universe, of life, of you or me, or of our purpose. 395 more words


Proof of the existence of an Intelligent and Perfect Creator (English and Swedish - svenska)

(Swedish translation follows the English text; Svensk översättning efter den engelska texten. Läst helst den engelska versionen. Den är mest uppdaterad.)

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To the commenter Aman (left on blog 5/5/09)

            (If you look over my blog you will see I never have done what I’m doing now –             but your questions seem sincere so I have tried to respond accordingly.) 774 more words